Which Blogging Platform to choose PART 2


Blogger is Google’s Blogging platform which is a free service provided by Google for anyone looking to setup an online blog. Found at http://www.blogger.com, it’s used by many all around the world, extremely popular with students and individuals looking to setup a personal website or a blog.

Benefits of Blogger

Simplicity: Blogger is great for anyone that is not very technical, you can easily create an account, set up your blog within minutes, there's no coding required just simple as creating an account online such as Hotmail, Facebook…etc Once you have created your account you can upload your logos, set your colours, and customise the theme to your desire, again without any coding. Of course you have some restrictions, but most of the theme can be adjusted to your needs.

Cost: One of the main advantages of setting up your blog on Blogger is that it doesn't cost you a dime, you don't need to pay for hosting, or themes, it's all set up for you, which is a great option especially if you’re tight on budget.

Security: As the site is hosted on Google’s server there is very less chance that the coding of the site getting hacked and your blog getting infected. Yes Hackers can still attempt to crack your username and password, but the chances are much lower than a self-hosted site.

Google’s Product: By being Goggles product this has a great advantage as it has the backing and support of Google. Google’s always investing heavily in improving their products and services to make it user friendly for users.

Configuration: You can configure your blog domain to point to any domain of your choice such as myblogdomain.com.

Design: Google blogger has some readymade design templates that you can choose and customise to fit your needs, allowing you to change the headers and footers.

Content: Google blogger allows you now to create your own pages for the blog now, which is not part of your blog, such as About Us page, terms and conditions…etc

SEO: Google indexes Blogger blogs rapidly than that of other blogging platform, giving you a faster advantage to get listed in search engines, but this doesn't guarantee any specific ranking, for that you will need to have a good SEO campaign in place.

Disadvantages of Blogger

Hosting: You can’t host your blog on your own server, the site needs to be redirected to a sub domain such as blog.example.com, which from the SEO perspective sub domains, are considered as different sites whereas subfolders pass on the benefit to the main domain as they become a part of the site.

Customisation: By using Google’s blogger platform, you have some restriction in customisation your site, you can’t build your own design, also there is a limited choice of templates to choose from.

Trust & Assurance: By having your blog hosted on Googles platform. Google has full control to turn your site off when they feel, which has happened to one of my friends, when Google mistook their content as spam and deleted their Blog. You don’t have much assurance that one-day if Google Blogger was to close down, so would your website.

Next Pages: On Blogger to browse through the content you have to click on Next or Previous, there isn’t an option to choose a page number.

Plugins: There is a limited choice of plugins to choose from to setup on your blog, even though you can hack few plugins, it does involve coding.

Personal Opinion

Both these platforms are great and you can see they both have pros and cons. It depends on what you are a looking to achieve out of your blog, if you blog as a hobby, then blogger would be a better choice, as its very simple and straight forward you just need to write your content. Also if you're not very technical and don’t want to spend time and money looking into changing the coding and designing features again blogger would be a wise option.

On the other hand if you were looking for something advance, with more flexibility, and full control of your site from the design to the coding aspect then WordPress is the one I would go for. I personally prefer WordPress as I feel more comfortable with this platform, being a technical person, I enjoy the flexibility and the features it has, also gives me full control over my site, so if anything does go wrong it’s me to blame not someone else.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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