What to consider if you want a good website layout?

Google launching its new search feature by showing website previews in search result. It has now given an even a bigger importance in having a good theme and high-quality layout of your website. As searchers can now quickly see a preview of your website before clicking in to it.

What would you consider is a good layout?

Everyone has a defined taste and their own option and choice.  What you may think is good layout for you to others it may not be so good and vice versa. Therefore pleasing everyone can become quite a task.  The more people you ask for feedback and opinion the more choices you going to have which could lead to uncertainty to how your website should look, and what is classified as a good website layout.

When designing a website you can take some points into consideration to ensure that your final theme is not just classified as good but its appreciated and accepted by your users and become a source of revenue for your business.

What can you do to make sure your website gets 10/10 on the score board?

·      Goal & Target:

 One of the main factors many businesses forget about when designing the website.

 I guess I know why, as one gets really excited and want their website to be the best

 website on the net, the mist of looking though thousands of websites  for  ideas one actually starts  to slip away from its own  target  and start to adapt all the  other ideas. Therefore when designing your own have your business goal in mind, ask yourself couple of these questions:

o      What am I looking to achieve from my website?

o      Who are my target audience?

o      What am I promoting?

o      How long do I want my website up for (is it a short term project or a long term)

Going though some of the above questions it will give you a better picture of what you exactly want and keep you on track to why you originally wanted a website.

·      KIS (Keep It Simple):

When your visitors come to your site they want to have a clear picture of what the website is about and what you’re offering and how to go around your site effortlessly. Many a time the best and top rated websites are the simpler ones, with not too much over crowded text and images but straight to the point. As when a visitor comes to your site, they only reason they are there as they are looking for something (they either want a product or a service, or have a problem and looking for solution) what ever the reason is, they are there for a specific reason, and if they do not find that on your website, they will go somewhere else.

 You have to capture that visitor with your attractive and simple design. Hence if your site looks really overcrowded and with lot happening, rather than attracting that visitor to stay on you could actually be stirring them away, resulting in losing out on a good business opportunity.

·      Colour Scheme:

This again refers to the question above, what you’re looking to achieve? And your target Audience? Choosing colours related to your niche and especially your targeted audience can attract visitors to your website. For example if you’re selling some trainers you targeting at the age group of 16 -25 years, a website with attractive colors and eye catching banners would appeal more to this age group. Where else on the other hand if you’re selling Shoes to an age group of 30 – 50 years, a more subtle colour scheme would be a better choice.Know whom you are going to target and what they like. Based on this choose your colour schemes and layout.

·      Test & Trail:

As part of having a good website, a website that converts visitors into sales is also considered a good website, which also goes down to the design phase of your web project. Using banners and eye-catching headings to attract customers to your payment pages is also a factor in the design process. It’s best to try out different variations, and see which one works best for you. You can use a tool called Google Optomiser.

·      Your Team:

 Hiring a good team also plays a vital part in a good design, when choosing your web designer  have a look at their web portfolio, the work that he has done, does his working style and technique fit into your industry. Some designer might be good in one field but not in the other. So choose your web designer carefully to ensure that they fully understand your requirements to fulfill the project, exactly how you want it.

As I mentioned it’s impossible to please everyone, but if you keep your focus and what you’re looking to achieve out of your website layout then you’re on the right track to having a good website that your audience will appreciate and interact with.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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