What determines a buying decision online?

When a visitor comes onto an e-commerce website the two main goals of a website owners are generally:

– Convert visitor into a lead

– Convert  visitor into a sale

When a user lands on your website they need to feel welcome and comfortable with the business and feel assured before they even start putting their hands into their pockets.

10 simple points that affect users decisions on buying.

1. The look and the feel of the website. – If the website is designed and built well it will automatically make the visitor feel comfortable on the site and want to stay and browse though the other pages.

2. Products: Products of your company, are they genuine, and presented well. Your selling your product or service, ensure that they are well presented, described well, and use a good real image that goes with it.

3. Findable: Do not make your website like a maze, your visitors don’t have much time, the quicker you can get them to their product the quicker you will convert them into sales, Ensure that products are easily found on your website, by using clear navigation, search box and a good structure of the site.

4. Colour Schemes: The colours used on your website will ignite emotions, when choosing your colours, take extra care to ensure that you do not use negative colours that pay put of your visitors, aim to use warm and welcoming colours.

5. Payment Options: Many e-commerce just offer one form of payment solutions (such as just PayPal). Which is okay, but if you give your customers that extra choice they may just make that purchase there and then as they have the cards or the information on them. Investing into your payment gateway is essential for an e-commerce site.

6. Clear policies: One shoppers are always cautious and looking for that extra assurance when purchasing goods online, ensure that your polices are displayed clearly and simple.

7. Confidence: Display trust certificates, security badges and clear contact information on your site.

8. Return Policy: If you have a good return policy over a company that doesn’t offer a good return policy your website would always be more favourable, as your customer has a peace of mind that they can return the goods if they do not like them.

9. Testimonials: We all like to know what others think of a product before we buy something, so why not add this feature to your site, show off to your visitors what others think of your products.

10. Simple: The simpler you can make the whole online experience for your visitor, the more return customers you will have.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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