What Can We Learn From John Lewis Award Winning ECommerce Site

The World Wide Web is a big battlefield for businesses. Everyone competes for the same thing, the customer attentions and their product interests. As time goes on, putting up an e-commerce site requires more innovations then before, something that will give them lasting impressions and conversion of customers.

Before you could get away with setting up a quick landing page and arranging a quick PayPal Buy Now button, but today, a lot more thought needs to go in to the whole concept of e-commerce, from user friendly, the design, the features and functionality. It can actually be a full time work for an employee to work on web project within a company.

Investing time to visit great websites is a crucial step in the process of going online. Learning from them is always an easier way to succeed online. Success formulas are not the same for everyone but in technical affairs, there are always some patterns to learn from.

John Lewis is an award winning e-commerce site. Last year it was second placer on the E-Commerce Awards for Excellence 2009. This year, they topped the Best Online Retailer 2010.

Learning how they designed and structured their site may help you to develop an ecommerce website, which caters for all, and had all the essential ingredients to become a success online. See some points below:

  1. Website Design and Layout

The design must compliment the layout. It is about using good graphics and locating them in the right places. Also, the images must give pleasant looks with the colour theme.

John Lewis theme creates light impressions. Graphics used are in high quality resolutions. The darker colour tones of the images make them standout complimenting the theme. The used of animated presentations gives greater attractions and visual enhancements also.

John Lewis is very dynamic. Yet, the organized layout simplifies everything for the visitors. The navigations are in order and the displays are categorized. Product presentations are available in various perspectives and each has alternative links where visitors can explore more.

  1. Content Wise

John Lewis has sufficient contents for each visitor, from customer supports to shopping pages until the other corporate details. All products have detailed descriptions, benefit discussions, specifications and short user guides.

  1. Payment Accessibility

The cart and payment buttons are located in accessible areas. The cart to view the summary of checkout products is visible at the top of every page. The payment buttons are visible per product images and description displays. Making it easier for users to make a purchase.

  1. Online Services Offered

John Lewis is not just a shopping site; it is a giant online supermarket. They have wide variety of services and many products to offer. Services include the detailed product information, shopping cart, online payments, free standard deliveries on all orders, insurance, resellers and more. It is like a one stop, shop all for the customers, having most of what a customer’s needs in one place.

There is more to consider in developing an award winning site but it is indeed a great help to learn ideas from those who have  made it already, John Lewis is a good one to start at.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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