Someone tell me what is a blog?

When was the first time you ever heard of the word Blog? Late 2000’s? But in actuality, blogging already started way back 1994 by Justin Hall at Swarthmore College. It was not called “blog” back then but Weblog as coined by Jorn Barger on December 1997. Later on May 1999, Peter Merholz jokingly divided the word into a phrase as “We blog” and posted it in his site Thereafter, Evan Williams used the word “blog” as both a noun and a verb, thus the word stuck and everything else is history.

I was confused at first what the fuss was about circulating around the net regarding blogging. So I looked it up and is defined today as a type of website or part of it that has entries of commentaries, events, or any topic with graphics, videos and text. It is usually interactive, which means readers can leave comments back and forth.

Examples of sites that popularized blogging are:

  • Open Diary by Bruce Ableson, launched on October 1998
  • Live Journal by Brad Fitzpatrick, launched on March 1999
  • Pitas and Diaryland by Andrew Smiles on July and September respectively, launched on the year 1999
  • Blogger by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan on August 1999

And as you take a look at these, you will notice that most of them had its roots as an Online Diary.

Now, because of the growing times, blogging has been used for changing or offering different views regarding the latest news, backing up of political campaigns, journalism, marketing, advertising, and even expose to scandals.  In fact, the use for blogging has become quite popular that there are now a number of types of blogging, namely:

  • Personal Blogs – Definitely the most common blog. Again, just like a diary, the individual will post anything about his feelings and events that happen daily. This has become popular since it allows individuals to express themselves and communicate online, when they can’t express it in the real world. Quite a few of this become really popular establishing its own fan base while some, although not so popular are just proud of it because it like therapy, it helps them feel good about themselves.
  • Corporate and Organizational Blogs – As the name implies, this blog is used in business corporations. It is a way to improve or enhance the communication within a company. Also it can be used to “blog their way through” the consumer market. Many business also use this as a form of intracting with their audience, getting feedbacks, and announcing new events and industry news.
  • By Device – Differentiated by the type of device it used. Moblog for blogs coming from PDAs(personal digital assistant)/phones and sousveilance by Semi-automated blogging by webcams, are good examples.
  • By Genre – These are more concerned by what topic in particular. It may be about Education, about politics, education, fashion, travel(travelogs), and more commonly art and music.
  • By Media Type – examples are those involving photos (popularly called photoblogs), sketches(sketchblog), links(linklog), and my personal favorite, Videos or vlogs. When it has a combination of different media’s, its called tumbleblogs(sounds like a game!).


  • – a site was created to unite all bloggers on August 31. This would help each blogger to share himself or herself with different bloggers around the world and likewise share their favorite blog.
  • Blogosphere – a collection of blogs all over the world. Connected and socially wired though blogrolls(a list of favorite blogs), linkbacks(incoming links) and backlinks(refbacks,trackbacks or pingbacks) and comments. More often, it is visited by the media to measure public opinion on very imported topics. And usually, this is used to measure the trends in internet marketing.
  • Communities and Directoriesto further connect web users to blogs and bloggers, Mybloglog, Blogster, Global Voices & Bloglogcatalog were made.
  • Advertisinglately “fake blogs” have been coming up just to promote the advertisements in his site. But ads are not just common for bloggers – after all, it benefits both parties.
  • Blog Search enginesSearch engines like blogs, as they offer fresh contnets frequently. You can also see in Google, you can refine your search by just viewing results from blogs.

Google Blog Search

My Conclusion

Blog is a simple site, where users can post frequent articles, related to their niche and industry, whether its news, information or a library of resources, along with interact with their readers and build awarness for their business.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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