Outsourcing to a Company vs Individual Freelancers for Your Web Development Project

Outsourcing is contracting a company or a person to do certain tasks for you. It is a trending business for the recent years especially in the online market. Considering the lower budget costs convinced many businesses to switch project productions and developments from local to offshore outsourcing. There are also other benefits such as that they are gaining the best talents available from different geographies or immediate aids for tasks that are not part of their business cores.

More and more business are outsourcing for variety of reasons, and not just web development, companies are out souring customer support, accounts, day to day management of the business, basically anything these days can be out sourced. The main reason for this is to reduce costs and also to free up some time.

Web Development is one of the most outsourced jobs on the internet. Hence, outsourcing web projects need a smart decision in hiring the right people to do the tasks. You have to decide well of whether choosing an outsourcing company or an individual freelancer to finish your projects. Below are some tips to help you choose between a company and a freelancer:

Identify Your Project Requirements

Write down lists of the layout and functions that you want to see in your web project. Specify and describing in detail how you want the flow of the system. Some details that you might consider and prepare are the color theme, images to use, display transitions and backend flow.

Do some research and see if the project is doable by only one or by a team of few. If doable, you may choose hiring freelancers as it may lower your costs. However, if you think the project is good for a bigger group of people, its best to choose an outsourcing company as the work will be carried out by a team that will have a larger input in your project.

Ask Quotations and Set Your Budget

Firstly set aside the budget so you have a clear picture in your mind of how much you are willing to pay for your task. You do not need to tell the company or freelancer of how much it is yet. Let them give their quotations first, there is also no harm in asking for more than one quotations so that you can choose a more practical price. Normally, freelancers have lower prices, but it is wiser and risk free to choose a company if you need to invest real big figures.

Line of Communication

Freelancers can give you more first hand updates than a company since the instruction is directly received by them.

There are some companies who allow their clients to have direct contact with their employees but there will always be the third party management.  Asking what form of communication will be carried out, many companies would prefer to work just on emails, but you will be able to decide if you need to speak to someone, or maybe even meet them face to face or are you okay with carrying out your tasks via email. Having good communication in outsourcing will ensure that your work is carried out correctly.

Development Cycle

There are few freelancers who provide timelines but usually the deal is the client gives the requirements and the freelancer will just set the finishing deadline, no other specific details regarding the activity flow are given. There are clients that are fine with this set up, some even do not ask for deadlines and they will just wait for the freelancer to finish.

However, if you are time conscious and critical with the updates, its recommended in choosing a company that states they will give you regular updates on your project, so that you are fully kept aware in what stage your project is. Now choosing a freelancer to do this may not work out, as he will have other projects or no such system in place to give you regular updates. Its best ensure with the company or the freelancer that you will receive regular updates, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly.

Assurance of results

Both the company and freelancers can give either good or bad results. Hence, in psychological thinking, some trust companies for better results. First, because they were paid higher. Second, they have a reputation of the organization to live up to.

Freelancers are may also be protecting their names to get more clients and judging them of compromising their results will be unfair for them. You would need to see testimonials and feedbacks of others from their portfolio to give you a better understand on how they work and if their assurance has any value.

Support and Advises

A company would normally assure support as long as the contract is valid. However, business is business; getting their dedication for free consultation is unreliable compare to a freelancer that you might be able to build a relationship with. As a good friend will always help when in need.

Talent Provisions

Usually a freelancer specialize with only one service, hence no doubt that a company can provide both diverse and specialize talents. By hiring a company will give you the advantage of also using their resources as you may have other tasks that need completing and dealing with one company will be easier then dealing with multiple companies.

On the other hand, you may also consider hiring more than one freelancer, so that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket, the internet has so many talented freelancers waiting for good projects.

The above are just some things to consider in deciding of whether to hire a freelancer or a company. Considering your budget, your requirements and other preferred conditions may relieve you in making the right decision.

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