HTML 5 over HTML and Flash

Recently W3 Consortium published the HTML 5 logo; this indicates that HTML 5 is really being accepted on the web sphere as the new HTML standard. Some websites are now made in HTML 5 standards, faster and with no plugins required to run videos or animated media.

Coding standard in HTML 5 is just almost the same as previous HTML versions. But has the power to be like Flash. The only obvious differences are as follows:

HTML 5 over HTML

  1. HTML 5 has more natural tags like <audio></audio> and <media></media>
  2. HTML 5 has does not require calling of plugins in embedding media such as audio or video.
  3. The doctype in HTML 5 is written shorter as it only requires HTML standard tag. See difference below:


      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"


      <!DOCTYPE standard> 
  1. HTML 5 has its own geolocation API and database compatible application cache.
  2. HTML 5 allows javascipts to run within its background together with its other tags.

HTML has been sufficient to many developers already but there’s nothing wrong with adopting a new version if this can make the web more advanced.

HTML 5 over Flash

  1. HTML 5 does not require plugins like Flash or Silverlight to play.
  2. Through Canvas, HTML 5 has the capability for better dimensional graphics.
  3. HTML 5 has direct embedding of multi-media files through <audio> and <media> tags.

HTML 5 vs Flash can be a serious cyber war in the future. Hence, many artists nowadays are really satisfied with what flash can give. Flash is integrated to wide varieties of applications both in ecommerce, gaming and mcommerce. Flash is also continuously being developed and currently conquering the mobile world.

The Future

Discussing the future of what concern us is not an old story, hence, always an interesting one, as this can help us to predict what to pursue for our own future. Many developers foresee that HTML 5 together with SVG is the future of web development, while others are saying that the future of HTML 5 is down the grave as HTML is established enough.

Looking into the current behavior of the web development, we are aware that open source website builders are rocking the World Wide Web. Developers, designers, business owners and other laymen can create websites or even ecommerce sites in a few clicks. With this we can say that the need for hard core developments can be in the hands of those very few hands. Only those few might be interested for the HTML 5 or SVG developments.

On the other hand these few geniuses are normally those who start a giant community of builders. These geniuses have resolved the HTML 5 or SVG immaturities due to some undeveloped applications but we will truly never know. We might one of these days find the need to upgrade and ride the new trend.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

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