How to Create a Sales Page that Converts

A website is the online presentation of a certain entity, either for business or personal purposes. And the most important part of it especially for those businesses is the landing page.

If you are offering a certain service or product, your landing page might as well be a Sales Page. Any web page can be a Sales Page but this term in World Wide Web perspective is a landing page that promotes a certain product and written to generate sales.

Sale Page Format

  1. Headlines. It has 3 parts, the pre-headline, main headline and post-headline. The pre-headline must attract or capture the attentions of your prospect customers. The main headline must describe the main or largest advantage of your product. It is normally written in big fonts. And lastly, the post-headline adds further details for your main headline.
  2. Introduction. This is your first few sentences that must catch your readers’ attentions.
  3. Credibility. This can be your previous clients’ testimonials and successful results of your product testing. Be realistic also is displaying your credibility.
  4. Benefits. Specify the products benefits well. Using bullets or numbering can help to organize your points. Make it also visible or something that will standout like your headline.
  5. Features/Specifications of the Product. Like Benefits, enumerate your products features or specifications well. It does not need to be bold or large fonts, just organize the display.
  6. Bonus. This can be some additional rewards if your customer will purchase your main product.
  7. Build Up of Value. This contains reasons of why your product is worth the price value. You can compare other products’ prices with yours and specify advantages to prove your price.
  8. Ordering. This includes your method of payment; you can use mediums like Paypal or other trusted third party payment gateways.
  9. Conclusion. This is the summary of your promotions. You can also mention again the benefits and reasons for your prize value.

Effective Tips in Creating Sales Page  Sale Page Format

  1. Design. The layout of your sales page is vital. This is what will first attract your prospect customer. Choose colors that may enhance the readability of your sales page. Also, use graphics or videos that are essential for your presentation. Hence, if you do not have any related graphics to use, do not display any just to consume space.
  2. Be Creative with Headlines and Introduction. Spend time making your headline and introduction attractive. If you were able to catch your clients’ attention with your headlines and first few sentences, most likely, they will read further until the end of your article.
  3. Be Realistic with Products. Never put contents that are not true like testimonials from non-existing person, evidences or results that were not proven and even features that are not part of the product’s functionalities.
  4. Fast Loading of Page. As possible as you can, prevent entities that may lower your page speed. A few minutes or even a minute of waiting can keep a customer away.
  5. Focus More on the Customers’ Benefits. No matter how powerful the product is, if the client feels that it is not beneficial for his needs, he will still ignore it. Focus on the advantages of your product and explain reasons of why they need to buy it. 

Your Sales Page will be your product’s online representation; it can be in a long text format or a short one. But as you create it, always think in a customers’ perspective. Read your finished Sales Page and hear yourself, ask if you are convinced enough to buy the product. Remember, the purpose of your Sales Page is to generate income.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

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