10 Things to consider when Re tuning your website

From time to time we always go back to our website and look at the ways on how we can make our website , sometimes we look at the design, the content, the advertisements the links  and many other aspects of the website, at the end of the day we all want our website to be the best site out there.

What to look for when reviewing your website? 

1.     Design

When assessing your website for improvement, take a sit back and look at your overall website, from top to toe J, does it look attractive to you, is it appealing, or is it giving the wrong impression of your company and brand. Take some time to go through allof your pages (even the pages that are not used everyday), and jot down what you see. From colors, position of text and also banners. If your website is not appealing to you, this is the first thing you need to resolve before moving on. Your site is there to make you money, a platform to raise your voice, if it does not appeal to you, the chances are its not going to appeal to anyone else, lets fix this first.

2.     Call of Actions

Have a look at the calls of actions you have on your site, is it asking your visitors to do something. Call of action could be anything from featuring your telephone number for users to ring, or a promotion offer on your web page.

If you already have a call of action in place, review your statistics and see if it has worked, if not, then lets change it. Maybe it needs better positioning or needs to be replaced with something else.

3.     Content

Many website once they have launched don’t change their content on the website, even though the company has moved on and has introduced new services, or amend their services, the website still seems to be outdated. When reviewing your website, have a look at your content, is it up-to-date, is it giving correct information, if not attend to this first. It might be a wise move in investing into a content management system, so it allows you to manage the content of your site, rather then to keep relaying on your web developer.

Sometimes your content gets duplicated by others and your competitors, if you’re doing SEO on your site, consider re doing your content so that it’s unique, and soley for your site.

4. Conversion Rate

If your conversion rate is low then we need to look at the reason why this is, is it your products, services or branding. It could be time to change the overall branding of your company for the better. These days it's all about the image, your site might have started to look old, and ancient hence your conversion rate has dropped, so by improving the overall look of your company in your re-design can increase your conversion rate.

5. Accessibility

You might want to redesign your site so that it’s more accessible in various browsers, and devices, as the trend of smart phone has increased, more and more users are surfing the web though mobile and wireless devices. So having your site that is not just accessible via cross browsers but also in various handsets is a good plus point to consider.

You may also want to look into other accessibility options to cater for your audience, if your visitors require accessibility such as different colored text, larger or smaller fonts, introduce these features so that your visitors are happy and keep coming back to yoursite, as its catered for their needs.


URLs reflect the way your website is structured, and over time you might have made adjustments to the site, in adding various sections and areas, causing your developer to add various folders and sections on your server, which may have resulted into a URL structure which could be more simplified.

Example: websitename.com/business/news/new/october/publicview/filename.htmlredesigning website

This structure could be made simpler in re thinking the overall structure of the site, such as websitename/news/filename.html

7.404 error pages & redirectsSometimes as your changing your site, and updating, things can get replaced, which the search engines have indexed and also other users have bookmarked, add a 404 error page which  goes along with your website to advise the visitor that this page is no longer here, rather then just leaving them to see a blank error page.

The other way you can also do this is by doing a 301 redirect, which will automatically redirect your visitors to the new page.

8. Sitemap

Besides having the xml sitemap for search engines, if your website is large with lots of pages and content, you can include a sitemap for your visitors to quickly browse your site and go to the relevant section of your website.

9. Hosting

Check if your hosting is suitable for your website, if its not too slow, and whether you hosting is interfering with the features that you require on your website. If your getting a lot of traffic and need more bandwidth, it may be a good time to upgrade your hosting.

10. Your Goal and Audience

When redesigning your site, look back at your goal of what you’re looking to achieve from your site, who your target audience are, this will help you retune your site to ensure that your site is accepted and appreciated by your audience.

In developing and designing there are many factors to consider, to ensure that you deliver the best website that will not just be pleasant for your users but also convert into sales for your business. The above are some of the points that will assist you when looking to refresh your websites.

Let us know of what other factors one should consider when re-tuning their website.





Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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