Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In order for your online business to render the most unique and quality customer experience and services to your clients, you must start by equipping the people involved with the most updated and most useful tools to provide quality service.  In this way, you will be increasing your customers’ satisfaction, and it will result to a boost to your business’ productivity and profits, and will also help you achieve your company’s aims and goals.

One of the best ways to achieve these goals is through the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or customer relationship management.  This is actually one of the latest innovations of Microsoft to help businesses improve their relationship with their clients.  It focuses primarily on sales and marketing, and it also helps most businesses with their help desk service, so it can be tailored fit to meet any different demands that may arise, making it a much easier framework for online business.

One of the many reasons why this platform has been the top choice among online businesses is because it provides a more personalized security model – ensuring the security and privacy of the company’s data. It also provides its very own organization and business structure applications for businesses to use. And with its unique workflow feature, users can now create and utilize custom business applications, like run-time engines, workflow tools and other activities.

Aside from those abovementioned, here are some of the other reasons why online businesses use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance customer experience:


Costs and expenditures are some of the primary concerns for businesses, such as licenses, services, maintenance, upgrades and updates – all of which are needed in running a business and when you’re deciding as to what type of CRM you will actually be using in your online business.

With Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, which includes a customized business model for your customers and other features, such as easy but secure accessibility to data, which guarantees that you get genuine and quality service more than what you paid for – then this will necessarily make it one if not the best value that you can get among the different CRMs available today.

Increase Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps in increasing the productivity of your business and in creating tools that will specifically help to satisfy your customers.  And as you may well already know, the more engaging and fascinating the experience that your client gets from you – the better productivity will be.


Another feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that though it provides a compelling and effective set of complex CRM tools, it still works pretty much like the Microsoft Outlook application.  And this will mean that customers won’t have a hard time using it because they are already familiar with the application.


Microsoft dynamics provides a unique business management solution that is adaptable and can easily be automated specifically according to your customers’ needs, providing a specific and accurate business approach.

Provides Network

Part of the Microsoft dynamic CRM, is that Microsoft provides business with a network of expert professional to provide them with quality solutions that will keep your business up and running.

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, you can easily look for the best partners to provide add-on solutions, to keep your Microsoft Dynamics CRM up to date and to maximize performance.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s online features, businesses can now create specific demographics worldwide and can provide customers and other members of the team with tools to create effective communication and collaboration to achieve optimum results.

Microsoft Application Compatible

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is compatible with other Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Share point servers and etc.  It also works perfectly with Microsoft office specifically with Microsoft outlook application. With this feature, customers can take full advantage of CRM services and solutions because using it is easy.customer service

Business Models

Microsoft Dynamics CRM creates specific business models which users can acquire to get accurate information, the latest updates, forecasts and demographics – providing each of them with more capabilities to increase their sales.

Extended CRM

Another advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it is customized to support extended CRM applications and scenarios, for free.  And by using recommended windows applications to work with Windows azure – this will also enable businesses to work with other cloud programs and applications.

These are just some of the things that you might want to know about the newest Microsoft CRM.  Let me know your thoughts of what you think of this CRM, if your using it within your company.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

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