Technology Makes Life Easier

The technology of today makes life much easier sometimes because of the convenience involved and other times because of the time that is saved. Younger people may not even think

Life Changing Technology

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about the benefits of the newer technological advances, but people that have been around for a few decades are still marveling at how technology has changed the ordinary way of doing things.

Life Changing Technology

  • Cellphones – it was not too many years back that the only way to contact someone when out on the road was to stop at a payphone. Today, just finding a payphone can be a challenge and having enough change to make a call will be even more difficult. The invention (and expansion) of the cellphone has allowed 24 hour connections.
  • Texting – the constant contact availability of cellphones was not enough for the world. Having a steady flow of information was the only answer and has even morphed into a new language. Experts now say that the combination of texting and cellphones is reducing the maturity rate of kids. Instead of making choices that they will use to learn and grow, the technology of today has kids constantly asking mom and dad what to do.
  • Electronic readers – some have said that as the electronic technology grows it will spell the end of traditional publishers. Avid readers say that the feel of a book can never be replaced by something electronic. No matter which side you fall on, the truth is that electronic readers have now made it possible to view online materials, magazines, newspapers and books all from one source. The instant access and portability have made life a little easier for readers of all types.
  • Facebook and Social Networks – a childhood friend would remain lost to all but the memory had social networking not taken off. Now a few clicks of the keyboard can bring life back into those memories. Friends from the past can be discovered around the globe or around the block.
  • GPS – nothing seems to be more frustrating than trying to get where you want to be and driving in circles instead. Although there may be a few glitches now and then, the Global Positioning Systems that have been provided to the mass public have helped to make getting from here to there much easier for all.
  • TiVo (and other similar systems) – the more television shows cost, the more time gets cuts from the shows to pay for them with commercials. Recording systems save valuable time that was just lost before.
  • Debit cards – it was not too many years back when the only plastic available was in the form of a credit card. Shoppers had to carry around cash or risk rejection at the counter when trying to pay with a check. Now debit cards even come in the form of a little tab on a key chain. Consumers can also round up all purchases to an even number (making balancing the account a little easier) and have the bank credit the change into a savings account.
  • Internet – the world began to shrink with the first internet connections. Now companies and individuals can make contacts around the world all through the binary codes of the computer.

Life has changed over the years, but in these last few decades the technology has made great leaps. Most of the advances make it easier to stay connected and get around. A few of the technological changes have had negative impacts because of the ease of use.

The technologies of today make functioning day to day a little less complicated. The convenience combined with the time (and even money) saved have helped make life easier for all – maybe even just a little too easy.

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Mark has been in the tech industry for 4 years.  He currently helps companies maximize the potential of CRM Integration  and also utilizing a brokerage account.


Article By: Wasim Ismail

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