My Review of the Motorola Xoom

For the past couple of months I have been looking at various tablets, and have been torn by which one to go for as there are so many good tablets out there, such as Apples iPad, Motorola’s Xoom, Samsungs Galaxy, and even Blackberry’s Playbook. All of these inserted me and I looked through all of them before I made my final decision.

I made my mind to go with the Motorola’s Xoom, for couple of reasons.

1. The new Android System.

2. The options of adding connecting external devices through the USB and HDMI port.

3. It strong looks, and build.

4. As I didn’t have an Android device, I wanted to go with Android, so I have a mixture of Blackberry Phone, Apples Computers and itouch, and now adding Android to the collection. As this allows me to test various applications, programs on different platforms.

5. One of my colleagues have an ipad2, and the other has the Blackberry Playbook, which gave me easy access to them, and having another same device in the office would have been boring, so I went for the Xoom, which gave us all in the office a wide option of devices to play around with and test.

My Motorola Xoom Review

The review below is based on my own opinion and not exactly a technical review, it’s how I would be using the Xoom on a day to day basis.

Screen on the Xoom

Amazing, its 1080 screen really does show high definition videos, photos in a beautiful way, I must say at times things do look better on the Xoom compared to my PC laptop. Great for showing presentations in meetings, going over design concepts, and slide shows.

The screen does move smoothly between pages, at first I thought it may have been slow, but it’s nothing like that, it moves smoothly and swiftly, without any delays.

I have my Google Docs and Dropbox synced with my Xoom, so that I can quickly load up the file that I need while I am mobile, discussing with clients on the phone.

android honeycombHoneycomb

As this being my first android application, it seems fairly easy to use, at first it does take a few attempts to figure out how things work, but once you have got everything set up its a piece of cake. When your receive an email, or any notifications a small alert box pops up in the bottom right, which allows easily to access the notification. The Google applications such as emails and talk are easy to use and work very well, best of all its all synced with the web based applications.

Honeycomb allows you to setup widgets and icons anywhere on the screen, the widgets are great for quick overview on emails, calendar, and twitter. You do get a whole library of widgets to use.

Camera on the Xoom

The 5MB camera does provide good high quality photos and videos, but to be honest I doubt it I would be using it much, as it looks a bit odd using a tablet to take photos of things. I might just use it occasionally when needed to take a clip of some projectors or record a meeting. Haven’t had a need for it yet.

Browsing on the Xoom

This is probably one the main things I would be using the Xoom for while I am travelling. Browsing the net is easy and the pages display perfectly. The browser comes with multi tab features, so that I can open more than one page at a time. The browser app seems very similar to the Chrome browsing experience. The browser doesn’t support flash out of the box, you have to download the plug-in so that you can play flash formats, a bit surprising as you’d expect it to be ready to use out of the box.

Gmail on Xoom

If you use Google for your emails and business, you would love the Gmail app, which has been redesigned for the Xoom, and looks like the new “Preview” theme of the web based version. I personally quite enjoy using emails from my Xoom, as its quick and easy. I do not need to load up my laptop or worry about viewing attachments on a small mobile screen. The Xoom allows me to quickly view emails and download the attachments, easily and without waiting about.

YouTube on the Xoom

I don’t spend much of my time on YouTube, occasionally I do watch previews and videos from other internet marketers, and of course my daughter watches her cartoons. The YouTube app on the Xoom keeps the same Xoom feeling giving you the 3D experience, and the easy of browsing though the wall of video clips.

Google talk & Skype on the Xoom

This is an impressive App, especially if you have a stand for your tablet. I Set up my Xoom on the stand while I am on a conference call next to my work station and work on my computer at the same time. The sound and voice quality is great I have nothing to fault. It works fine, and I use this daily, always signed on, when someone pings me, I get a notification.

Socail Media on the Xoom

One of the first things I set up was my Twitter account on the Xoom, along with its widget on the home screen. Twitter works just as the web based version, along with sending me notification in the coroner every time I am mentioned or have a direct message. I do find the Widget on the home screen a bit slow compared to the real time app.

I have also setup Google + on the Xoom, it took a while as I have a different Google account that I use Google + for, I had to figure out how to add two Google accounts on to the tablet. Once all setup it works fine, I can share and post messages, along with interacting with my circles.

Facebook on the Xoom, to be honest I don’t like the app, I prefer to use the web based version. So I don’t actually receive any notifications for my Facebook activities as I do not have an app. But the web based version works fine for me.

I have also set up Hootsuite app on the Xoom. Which allows me to schedule tweets and posts, but it keeps asking me to verify all my accounts again.

Overall Experience

Overall I love the Xoom, and pleased that I have made the choice to get the Xoom. Its quick, easy to use, and portable. The Android platform is fantastic and has great features and options to customise the tablet to how you want to use it.

The apps I use on daily on the Xoom





Google Voice

Google Reader


XE Currency


Google Finance

– Calendar

The Weather Channel

Google +

My Notes



Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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