Is Facebook trying to change the way we use email?

Facebook has announced it’s launching a new communication tool, which will allow users to communicate outside the Facebook platform, such as emails, SMS, Chat, attempting to

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change the way we use emails, as it will be faster, seamless, simple and personal. Its email with a twist, but Facebook is not calling it email.

Today more then 350 million users use Facebook to message each other, the new social inbox will combine all of your communications with your friends and family into one place, that’s instant messaging, emails, SMS, and Facebook messages. Mark Zuckerberg, has said kids find emails “too slow, and formal”, like any business they need new exciting products to survive and excite users, I guess one of them is this all in one inbox. Facebook has been working on this for nearly a year now, with approximately 15 developers, and they have cracked it, coming up with all in one inbox for its users.

Some of the features that Facebook are launching in there email service:

  • All in one inbox (SMS, Email, Chat) – you don’t need top open your email program, your social networking sites, and have your phone next to you, it can all be done on Facebook.
  • History of conversation – now you can keep track of everything, your SMS history, chat, and any sort of communication you do with your friends and family, can be stored in one location.
  • Reduced Spam – any emails you receive from a non Facebook user will be stored in a different folder
  • Send instant messages, no need for Subject and CC or BCC

So does this mean we all move to for communication?

Not quite yet, as people are saying online this is Facebooks attempt to kill email or Gmail, but looking at a bigger picture, emails have its own market and social networking and instant messaging is completely different, they can work side by side, but you need to have both, and to replace one to just use the other can be very difficult. You cant drop your email and use instant messaging as your main form of communication, business still need email as a form of professional communication, between clients, and suppliers, especially if your want to give a good professional image of your company. It’s a bit difficult to see formal emails being replaced with informal, even though it might be quicker and faster, as at times you need to spend a little longer to construct a well email or to replay to a business email.

The new Facebook email is good, but it will not take over email, I believe it will be used along side formal emails, for quick and instant replies, similar to Instant Messaging.

How would I use the new Facebook email?

Instant messaging may be perfect for some and may fit their life style exactly how they wanted, having everything in one place, someone that SMS, Chats, Blackberry Messenger a lot, whose always out and about, and does not generally use emails, or checks their emails, the new Facebook Message Box could be ideal. But for a business the main source of communications with the customers would still be emails.

This is how I would use Facebooks new Email:

–       As a 2nd point of communication tool after email, once the customer has started to purchase our products and built a trust with us, just to send quick messages, which you may classify as informal.

–       A form of internal communication with work colleagues and staff

–       For non business activities, personal inbox maybe

–       Link it to Facebook Business page, and a form of companies Facebook live support

Time will tell how many users want their emails to be, as one of the main advantages is you don’t need top open other email applications, it can all be done in Facebook.

What are your thoughts of Facebook all in one email?

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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