How to Create an Effective Business Page Using Facebook Timeline

Social media marketing is considerably a very important marketing strategy in this day and age. Among the most important aspects of this marketing strategy is the Facebook business page, which is primarily because of the fact that Facebook is the leading social network in the world. Hence, by using it – one will be able to have a wider audience to cater to.

Here are some aspects of the Facebook timeline that you might want to know:

1. Create a unique and entertaining cover image – this is what visitors initially see when they click on your business page. So, you need to present a strong message on you cover page as to what your business is about.

Also, make sure to change your timeline cover image regularly. Changing it once a week will be good enough, as it will create a new and fresh experience for your customers.

2. You can no longer use default landing tabs – though most business page owners are complaining about this new feature, I suggest that we move forward and take advantage of the other features that timeline can provide.

Other features:

• A much larger space for cover image – you can attach poster-like images of your business or your products.

•You can use URL apps – visitors are directed to your business page coming from other website and social media sites.

•You can attach links in your cover image – this makes it easier to direct Facebook fans to your company website.

•You can engage your customers more directly – you can get more feedback using a call to action button attach on your fan page or cover image.

3. Use tabs as Apps – you are allowed to show 4 apps below your timeline cover photo. I would suggest that you customize thumbnails for each of your apps.

How to create custom thumbnails for tabs:

•Create a 111 x 74 pixel picture

•Click the arrow below your cover image. This will display how many apps you are allowed to use.

•Click the edit settings when you’re done with attaching a picture.

•Click change to replace the image of the app

4. Replace landing tabs with URLs – as mentioned earlier, you can use tabs as apps. Each app has a distinct URL which your can use to create traffic within Facebook or to an outside source.

It is suggested that you use a URL specifically for apps that you believe would bring in more visitors compared to others. This way, you are able to focus your efforts on apps that direct more traffic.

Another advantage of having your own URL is that you can use it with other social network sites, and not just for Facebook.  Hence, even if Facebook changes its features and algorithms – you can still use the same domain.

5. Personal messages – visitors and customers can send you private messages, like asking for additional information and inquiries. This will create a better and more personal connection between you and your prospective clients.

6. Set milestones – milestones are events that you want to highlight in your timeline page. These events are then shown to everyone in wide screen, as they visit your business page.

How to add a milestone:

• Click the milestone button, which is located in the sharing tool

• Click a headline, date and event that you want for your milestone.

• Add a photo

• Click on save

7. Highlight posts – you can highlight significant post on your wall, which means you can divert the attention of visitors to a specific post. This works best for limited offers and business promotions, as this is considered to be a strong call to action.
8. Pin posts – you are allowed to pin posts at the top of your timeline. These will stay there for a maximum of 7 days, and then you will have to replace them with a different post. These posts are usually the important messages you want customers to read, like for example: new order forms, different purchasing process, or a new payment method.

9. Easier “like” button – with the new timeline it is more efficient and faster to like pages. And when a visitor has liked a page, the word “liked” will appear, informing them that they are already a fan of the post or page.

10. Be creative – timeline has presented new and improved features of the old Facebook platform, where newsfeeds are noticed by customers a lot more quickly compared to the old version. Images are also bigger with timeline, making it very good for product promotions and marketing purposes.

These are just some of the things that you need to know about the Facebook timeline. Use these for your business, and exercise creativity while at it – and you will have a better and more profitable business campaign.

Image by Flickr

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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