Change from Blackberry to Android – Review of Samsung Galaxy S2

Recently I upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S2 from a Blackberry, it’s been quite a change as my last 3 phones have been a blackberry (Pearl & Curve & Torch). The reason I have moved over to android are couple of reasons, but most importantly the flexibility it gives you. To be honest after having this phone for just a week, it seemed like I was tied down and limited to what I could do on the blackberry.

I’m going to go though some of the features that I have been using on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and give you my feedback, as I have been using the phone for just a week now, and also considering its my first Android phone.


The overall look of the Galaxy 2 looks very sleek. The overall size of the phone may look big, but you soon get used to it, as the weight is ultra light. Compared to many phones, I haven’t come across a phone that is as light as the Galaxy 2.

Besides being ultra light the phone is also very slim, and can easily fit into pockets. The display on the phone is HD quality, and the screen at times is very sensitive, causing you to easily skip screens. Again something one can get used to.


This is what we all get phones for?… right… to make calls. What was impressive is that all my contacts I had on my Gmail, automatically came up onto my phone, which is great, I don’t need to manually sync my phone or download any special apps for this. As a Gmail user this feature made things very simple and easy to use.

The ease of making a call on the phone can’t be any simpler, all you have to do, is pull up the contact you want from the address book, and drag your finger to the right to make a call, or to the left to send a text message.

The overall call quality is good, but could be improved, as the sound of the other person does seem a bit distanced at times, compared to the blackberry where it was quite crisp. Also the loud speak option on the call, is not loud at all, good do with making it a bit louder.

When you receive a call, if you’re in a meeting, you can set some default text message, which you can reject the call by selecting the option “Reject with a text message”. This will send a caller a text message with your default text set, such as “In a meeting” or “Driving, will call you later”. – Again something that was not available on the blackberries.

Emails & Calendars

One of the things, I use my phone for on a regular biases throughout the day. The phone syncs extremely well with Gmail,  and Google Colander. The interface is easy to use, and has all the features of Gmail as using on the web.

Configuring other POP emails can be done without much hassle, and again syncs very well with Yahoo, Hotmail, and also other email clients. If you are using the email client on the phone,  all of your emails will be in one place, of course you can switch between inboxes, but the application is the same. Unless you download a separate application for Yahoo, or Hotemail…etc

As I use Google calendar to manage my dates, the calendar app works very well with Google colander, giving me access to all my dates and daily activities on my phone, and also the easy of updating my calendar on the move.

Socail Media Profiles & Chats

Being in the online industry, something that I can’t afford to miss. One of the first things I downloaded to manage my social media accounts was the Hootsuite app, along with Google + and LinkedIn.

Hootsuite works exactly the same was as it does online, where I can type a few words, shrink a URL and select an account to post from, along with the option to schedule a post if needed.

Google + app, again just like all the other Google apps, works with ease. Able to send posts, view the stream, and interact with my circles.

Along with the social media accounts, I frequently use Google Chat to communicate or send quick messages to my team,  clients, and friends and family. The app again syncs with the chat in Gmail, and works just in the same way.

The other app I use to communicate quickly is WhatsApp. This allows me to send messages to friends in my address book, without using any of my text messaging allowance. Also as its live chatting, its quick and I can communicate on the move. This is similar to the Blackberry Chat feature on blackberry phones.

Web Browser

Probably one of the fastest mobile web browsers I have seen. By using the Goggles Search Widget, I can quickly search and launch the browser.

Battery Life

This is something I always have a problem with, as by the time, its 4-5pm my phone starts to drop out on me, and I have to ensure I have a charger close by. I wouldn’t say the battery life is perfect on this, compared to other phones that I have used, this is far better. Also taking in to count, I’m on the phone majority of the day, which does kill the battery rather quick.


Overall I feel I have made the right choice to move onto the android platform, and as its only been a week, I can see this phone does have some great capabilities, most importantly keeps me in touch with the world.

I know this is not a detailed or technical review, but more of just my experience of what I have personally noticed on the Samsung Galaxy 2.

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