Blackberry Blackout! or The good old ways! What do you prefer?

For the past three days, There has been no Blackberry service, the outage has affected millions of users around the globe. At first I thought it was just my phone, later it actually came apparent a national crises, where millions of users are affected, and it actually hit world news.

The problem started in Europe, than Middle east, Africa, India, and before you knew it all Blackberry users were out of data reach, no emails, no internet, just the good all phone and text. Blackberry did mention on their Twitter profile it was due to some switch failure on their system. RIM’s stock price has fallen about 4 percent since this morning.

What problems can not having access to your emails on the move cause a business?

First of all for those that work mobile, and are out and about, having the luxury of accessing and responding to emails on the move is a life saver. It offers great flexibility and efficiency to a one man band where they can respond to emails and update their dairy from where ever they are. Overall this saves at least 20 – 30 mins a day when getting back in front of the computer. As you have already answered to all of your emails, you can focus on other business tasks.

The main problem here is not being efficient. Yes emails will get answered when you are back in the office or have access to a computer, but it just means that your recipients will have to wait that bit longer until you have access to such facility. In business this can cause a deal to break.

Imagine a customer emails five different business asking for a quote on products and services. All of them replay back within couple of hours, and you wait till end of the day when you get back home or to an office. By that time your competitor has won the lead.

Feels Natural

On the other hand, not having access to emails seems to be good in a way, as your more relaxed and not worrying about sending emails or trying to respond to your customers there and then. You actually get a chance to see what else is happening around you.  Never the less you still need to respond to your emails when you get back into the office, so why not do it on the move.

Overall having the flexibility to search the net, have access to emails, and stay up to date with the social media, is imperative for a business owner, especially if your online business., not having access to these for a long period of time can have serious impact.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer emails on the move, or you enjoyed the Blackberry blackout?

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