A review on the Blackberry Torch


A few days a go one of my friends, whom I’ve been working with for the past couple of years on various projects (CEO of Voicedata Group), came up to me and gave me the new Blackberry Torch. Unexpectedly he turned up and said “here” let me know what you think. The timing was perfect as my contract was coming to an end and i was looking at my options for a new phone.

My previous two phones had been Blackberry’s (Pearl & Curve) so automatically when Blackberry announced the launch of its new Torch I wanted to give it a try and see the new touch screen functionally, at the same time a part of me was saying to go for something different such as HTC or the new iPhone, both fanatic phones, with amazing operating systems.

I have had the Blackberry for a week now what do I think?


The overall first look of the Torch looks similar to the previous Blackberry handsets, to access the keyboard you need to slide up the screen, which is done quite easily with a thumb. Once the screen is slid up, it does look slightly bigger, and i don’t like walking around with it with the screen up, looks to big. However

it does weigh more then the previous models, and heavier than its rivals such as iphone and HTC, which have a more slimmer and lighter feel to it.

The quarterly keyboard is the same size as the keyboard on the Curve, but the keys feel more close together. Overall the look and the feel of the Blackberry Torch feel’s good and has a solid structure.


I also noticed it has a better Camera than before with a new 5 Mega pixel Camera, and a LCD Flash. The camera experience is a lot better allows you to quickly switch between different modes, and change to a video camera much quicker and easier, You also have the option to add a location tag to your photo, which tags your photo with the location you’re in which is quite handy for traveling and on holidays.

Viewing your files and images is a lot better too, you can easily organize and store your files into different locations, and the pinch zoom on the touch screen is a nice little add-on.


Although i did have some problems when trying to call out from my phone, it seemed as if was on hold before the phone started dialing the number. I guess it was the reception area i was in, it seems to be fine at the moment, but sometimes does revert back to the problem.

The call quality is more crisp and clear, especially when you have it on speaker phone, whereas before the speaker phone was not very clear to hear on.

While you’re on a call, it allows you to quickly access your notes, phone book, and calendar with a touch of a button, which i have found extremely useful, especially booking events, and checking up my calendar, along with taking notes, when i’m traveling and haven’t got pen to hand.

Home Screen

One of the most impressive home screens of the Blackberry’s to date, it’s been designed in such a way to quickly give you access to everything you need on your phone, You can change your network connections, the phone profile, search the phone, address book and everything else by just tapping the screen

The universal search facilities is a cool feature on the new torch, which allows you to search your Blackberry files quickly and easily, it will display results from your address book, emails, browsers, gallery and everything else related to your search.


The trademark of RIM, I have to say I’m impressed with the emails on my new Torch, I use Gmail for my business and personal accounts, and Blackberry email allows me to see all of my emails on my Gmail account, from labels, thread, and also search facility in searching though emails is a smooth process.

The emails on the screen do seem better as they come through in HTML format compared to previously in plain text.

Web Browser

The browser on the Blackberry Torch allows you to browse through multiple tabs at once, which was not possible before. Browsing the net on previous handsets was quite painful i would say as it would take for ages, Blackberry has made some improvements to its bowering experience, but still far behind compare to iPhone and HTC.

Battery Life

The battery life on my handsets varies from day to day, depending on how many apps I’m using, and what i’m doing on the phone, for basic email and phone, the battery life is sufficient, but you still need to charge it over night. When i have more applications open, such as twitter, drop box, Facebook, the battery life drains out half way during the day and i would usually have to recharge the battery.

So if you’re not using the apps have them closed.


Blackberry has seemed to listen to previous issue’s that they have had in their previous handsets, and have fixed many of the problems, overall i am pleased with the new blackberry handset, it does what i need it to do, and keeps me in touch with the world at the tip of my finger.

I know this is not a detailed technical review, but more of just my experience of what i have personally noticed on the new Blackberry Torch.

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