5 Benefits of conference calls

Conference call services are an indispensible telecommunications tool in today’s business world. No matter what the size of your business, if you regularly require contact with clients or business partners using conference calls is both a hassle free and cost effective way to coordinate your business operations and hold important meetings. What follows are five of the main benefits and advantages of conference calls.

1. Ease of use: conference call services can be set up with incredible speed and ease and are very simple to use. In no time at all a group of 30 people can be linked together over the phone for an important meeting. If you need to quickly inform your colleagues or clients of important developments, promotions or issues needing fast solutions you can do so with efficient speed and effectiveness with everyone present via the conference call service. Technological advances have vastly improved conference call services and simplified their controls for optimal ease of use.

2. Cost effectiveness: many conference call service providers offer an extremely competitive flat monthly rate with no hidden fees. Your company’s conference call service can usually be accessed via a local number, meaning that no matter what the duration of the call or what time it is made the cost will be minimised by avoiding premium rates. Naturally, corporate travel costs will also be minimised by negating the need to travel by linking clients and business partners near and far through the conference call service.

3. Eco-friendliness: with the widespread raised awareness of how pollution is causing global warming and businesses eager to live up to their corporate responsibility and play their part in reducing their carbon footprint to tackle the problem of climate change, the green advantages of a conference call service are obvious. By linking clients and business partners together the need to travel is removed and therefore energy is saved and pollution from fuel usage is reduced. Because they are conducted over a phone line or internet connection conference calls also do not use any paper and therefore do not produce any waste material which needs to be recycled.

4. Enhanced mobility: the conference call service can be accessed from any online interface, meaning they can be scheduled and organised from anywhere with internet capabilities (which in this day and age is practically everywhere). Likewise, meaning rescheduling and re-organisation of meetings can be done on the move if necessary should unforeseen circumstances arise which causes a change to the day’s, week’s or month’s work plan. Again, because of there being no need to travel, meetings will not be disrupted by traffic jams or any travel service strikes which can regularly occur in the city and cause a great deal of problems and loss of productivity.

5. Reliability and security: conference call services are accessible 24 hours a day and can be accessed from mobiles and from abroad with no loss of communication quality. Conference calls are also extremely secure, using a personalised security code and encryption for all calls and the ability to block outside lines once your conference callers are securely locked in for the meeting.

The benefits and advantages of conference calls are clear and this useful telecommunications technology is quite simply a necessity in today’s business world.

Article By:Matt Smith – Freelance business, conference calling and technology blogger.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

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