10 Ways To Grow Your Fans With Facebook Ads

In order to have successful Facebook page for your business, you will first need to have an existing large fan base to promote your business effectively.  After all, the purpose of having a wide fan base is to spread word faster, compared to having a smaller fan base, but overall you want a fans that will be active fans, and the ones that engage with you. As it’s not just about acquiring as much fans as possible, and no action happening. It’s not a number game, but instead building relationship and authority though engagement with your fans

Now, one of the best ways to increase the fan base in your Facebook fan page is by using Facebook ads, which are best attached with a contest or a promotion. It is a known fact that most Facebook users become a fan or a subscriber of some known brands because of Facebook ads – which is why it’s important to know how to effectively use Facebook ads to gain popularity and increase your fan base.

Here are some simple tips on how to create your Facebook ad to invite more fans:

1. Create ads with people’s images on it, attach close-up faces in the images in your ads to give it a more human connection to its readers. Make sure you put in a pleasant looking face in your images, and or on the person’s eyes; this may just increase your click rates.

2. Attach images that relate to your ads.  One of the common mistakes for ad pictures, are those that attach photos of known celebrities with no relevance whatsoever. Have images of people that fit in your ad campaigns, for example pictures of nurses if you’re into healthcare services, or cars for automotive services.  In other words, make sure that they connect with what you have to offer.

3. Upload your pictures horizontally, as it gives out a much neater presentation.  This will also maximize the allowed space for your ad, , which is usually at 110×80 pixels.

4. Attach your brand in your images.  Though the individuals who might check your fan page might not be aware of your brand, it is important that they can see the brand that is being promoted.  The significance in doing this is brand exposure.  Remember that even if the reader is unable to subscribe to the link the first because he needs to be away from the computer – he will remember the brand more than the information attached to it, so incase the reader will encounter your ad again in the future there is a big chance that he will click it.

5. Scale your pictures in large sizes. Maximize the space allowed for you to attach your images. You don’t want to have thumbnail pictures for your ads, for the main purpose of these images is to attract attention of Facebook users – so that they will subscribe to your page.  And the best way to achieve this is by having larger image that will give visitors more detailed pictures.facebook

6. Clean your images.  Eliminate all unnecessary images in your pictures’ backgrounds and surroundings. Provide a clean and neat background for your pictures, so your readers won’t get too distracted and will actually pay attention to the more important details, such as the brand you’re promoting or the links provided.

7. Use the right play of colors.  If possible, use a white background, as this would give out a much nicer and calmer background, while at the same time, providing much emphasis on the images in the center. Also avoid using the color blue in your center images.  This is because Facebook’s color is primarily blue – and you will need to use other colors in order to stand out.

8. Be creative. Have a unique image presentation for your ad that is not common among the other ads that are related to the brand you’re promoting.  You don’t want to look to generic, so you will need to be extra creative in creating your ads.  Also you might want to consider limiting your titles to 1 sentence or line only.

9. Have a clear and relevant message. It’s always good to use keywords to further attract your readers’ attention. Words such as “FREE, MONEY, PROMO, and DISCOUNT” can be a good way of enticing your audience, or you can have your statements in question form, so that if your reader wants to know the answer, he will have to click your link.  Take note though that you must provide direct, short and concise information to your reader.

10.  Provide a call-to-action. Use messages like “click here now” or “enter here”, to give your readers instructions on what to do.  This is a very important part of the process – so don’t leave this out.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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