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A UK based client was looking to setup an online business to provide a solution for their customers to book deliveries online using a simple web interface. Our client also also want to keep cost to minimum and make use of templates and platforms ready available.


We Worked collaboratively with team at Speedel to come up with a WordPress platform using a purchased template, which was fully customised according to their requirements.

Speedel provided us good quality images and text which we set on each page, along with ensuring that the website was mobile friendly.  Our team worked with an API to integrate a carrier booking system into the website, which will give Speedel’s customers live parcel prices.

Process involved the initial purchuse of a template, and moving into the installation of WordPress and setting up all the pages which were needed for the website. Once the theme was set, we than customised all the pages to Speedels requirements

Set up Google Analytics to track conversions on the new website

Integration with UK post code system

Integration with a live parcel booking system


Responsive website which is compatible with different browsers, desktop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing new users to register and manage their bookings directly on Speedels website.

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