Why Businesses prefer to promote a blog over other marketing channels.

Blogging has been a major source for ecommerce businesses for quite some time now.  But recently, however, more and more businesses have been using social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, instead of blog sites.

However, some online merchants choose to standby their blog sites, because they believe that these have the advantage compared to the marketers who are using social networks.

Here are 5 reasons why some businessmen choose not to abandon blogging:

  1. Blogging helps SEO – Blogs help a lot with page rankings compared to social media, because blogs are mainly text-based and they can change their content anytime to properly fit the right keyword and phrase – thereby attracting more traffic and resulting to an increased page ranking.

    Blogs are also more search-engine-friendly compared to social networks, because of its ability to frequently update contents.  Hence, they can easily be detected by search engine bots.

    Blogs also have a unique ability to share more blogs more easily compared to social networks because you can actually build links in the content themselves – which is why they are also considered as natural link-builders by some.

  1. Blogs are more personal – another feature of blogging that makes it unique is that it has a more personal touch for viewers.  This is made possible by its ability to communicate directly to consumers in an uncensored manner, producing a different impact on visitors.

    In some blog contents, writers use their professional and personal insights on things, usually taken from life experiences of the writer – thereby allowing readers to relate more to the content, most especially to those with similar experiences.

    An example would be a post about struggling with obesity every day.  In here, the writer will talk about how people in the office talk behind his back, laughing about him secretly, or how hard it is for him to tie his shoelaces, or how hard it is to avoid eating.  Readers can easily connect with the writer, especially those who are suffering from the same condition – making it more interesting for them.

    Marketers would then take this opportunity to promote diet plans, supplements or exercise regimens, which are usually provided with links for readers to click – so that they can then be directed to other sites where further promotions can be done.

  1. Blogs helps in promoting a brand – there are a lot of ways that blogging can build a brand – which allows you to separate your products from the competition. In here, you can always go to the competitor’s website and do a little research, and then post content about your brand – in order for you to differentiate what you have from others.

    Another method is to focus your message on a specific demographic. By focusing your campaigns on a certain group of visitors, you’ll be able to save time and effort, and you’ll have a higher chance of increasing the value of your brand – because you’ll have an audience that is actually interested with what you can deliver.

    By delivering messages clearly and efficiently towards your audience, you will be more direct and you will get a more specific response. From these responses, you can now assess if your campaigns are working, and you can then change some minor or major details, if necessary.

    Take note, however, in order to achieve optimum results – your blog will need to be different and unique in order to stand out.

  1. Blogs receive more media awareness – when someone goes to search engines and searches related topics related to your blog’s content, your site will most probably appear on the search results page.  

    However, in order to attract the right attention – your blogs must have updated content and it must have reliable information.  Otherwise, things might not be as good as you hope they’d be.

  1. Blog can choose niches – bloggers are given the liberty to choose niches that can best market their products.  And by constructing a multiple-niche blog system, you can achieve higher page rankings and increase generated leads while reducing marketing expenses at the same time.

    You can always choose a niche that sparks interest from your readers so that you can easily promote your products – compared to using social networks wherein the visitors don’t give much emphasis on niche.  With this, you can be guaranteed of an increase in profits and sales.

There are plenty of reasons why blogging is still the preferred platform by online marketers.  However, in the end, what is essential is that you are able to find that platform which can ensure online success.  Hence, whether it may be thru blogging or social networks, if you can get those profits that you’ve always wanted – then you’ll do just fine.

Image By Maria Reyes-McDavis

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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