The Elements of Building Steady Twitter Followers

One of the major concerns among Twitter accounts is how to increase followers. Fortunately, there many ways of making this possible.

First of all, you must consider that Twitter is composed of individuals with different needs, wants, and interest. And for you to attract them to follow you, you need to have certain principles to build and focus.

Here are the basic elements needed to increase Twitter followers:

Earn Respect from Followers – respect is very hard to earn, but if you do gain someone’s respect, rest assured that you will get free advertising from that individual.

When someone wants to follow your tweet page, it can be because he/she agrees with your ideas, finds it interesting and honest, and they relate to it. But whatever be the reason, they basically do it because they respect you and the idea that you bring into the fore.

Let us consider a fellow entrepreneur, who wants to follow you. How can a fellow business man follow your tweets if the respect is not there, right? He might as well follow somebody else that has contents that are relevant, if you are unable to feed his hunger for knowledge.

Besides, individuals would not want to be affiliated or in any form collaborate with persons who not respectable in their own fields and their posts. So, you must ensure quality and not really quantity.

Two aspects of gaining respect in Twitter:

  1. Be respectable and respectful – followers tend to listen and share tweets coming from respectable and respectful individuals. By being respectful, they will believe what you have to say because it not only relevant, but also because they are respectful, honest and new. This is the unseen value of your tweets to followers. But the more respect you gain, the more of your tweets being shared to others, which will then increase your followers.

Also, make sure to keep mutual respect between you and your followers. Take note that though there may be an exchange of idea or comments, but in the end, the conversation must be productive and ethical, in the sense that you learn something and vice versa.

  1. Respect for what you’re saying – once you have created the impression that you are respectable, the focus of your followers will no longer be on you, but on your content and ideas. In some instances, a single idea can gain multiple shares and comments, and it may become a subject for a new trend. But always remember that individuals share only ideas that they to believe in and respect. So, always be respectable and respectful.

Establish Trust with your followers – this is the ultimate principle of Ecommerce. Hence, whether you’re using social media or other tools, trust is essential.  To earn trust from your followers you need to be transparent and prove to them that you are actually trustworthy. Apply the golden rule: “do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”.

Find your own Demographic – in a specific business sense, look for customers that have the same interests as you do. This will make it easier for you to push an idea, product or service – and gain support for them.

How to look for your demographic:

  1. Follow tweets related to your ideas and content. In return, you will get followed as well, and if they find your ideas really interesting – then you will get multiple shares as other people start to follow you.
  2. Find a group to belong to, which is sort of looking for your own club in college. This way, you can target those individuals who can help you increase followers. It is much easier to earn trust and respect in this manner.

Help other Twitters – there is a rule that when you help or support an individual, he/she is inclined to return the favor. Look for ideas that relate to your content or look for similar tweets and repost them.

Of course, you must give out the message that you are honestly supporting those people and not merely there just to get shares for your posts. With this, you will have the followers that you’ve always wanted.

Create new Ideas – individuals tend to follow ideas that they find interesting, funny, unique and most of all, honest. When you are suggesting an idea, make your followers understand your point, and only suggest and not insist. Hence, have a flexible idea and not a one sided one. In the end, what is important is that you are able to gain followers that will respect and trust you enough to share your posts and result to a greater Twitter following.

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