Methods To Create Successful Backlinks

As any SEO expert will tell you – building backlinks is an integral part of optimization which must never be underestimated.  After all, it is a fact that the better your links are – the higher your rankings will be.  Fortunately, there are ways to ensure this.  And all that you have to do is to do some reading and a little study. I would also like to clarify that SEO is not all about link building, building links is one element of SEO, and does not guarantee you that your SEO campaign will be successful, but if you are acquiring good quality natural links, than this will defiantly help your brand and your popularity online.

Here are some tips that you might want to take a look at:

Submit your blogs to directories – this is the first thing that you must perform in order for you to get your link building running. Take note though that the purpose in submitting contents in directories is not to generate traffic but to gain backlinks for a higher page ranking.

There are two types of directories, the general and the blog specific – which are the directories where you will need to submit your blogs.  I would suggest, however, that you start with blog specific directories, because they usually categorize blogs based on topics – and this means that you will be viewed by visitors who are searching for your topics and anything related to it.  After you’ve established yourself with blog-specific directories, you can now move on with general directories.  It would help, however, if you are submitting contents to high ranked directories only.

Interlink Exchanges – search for related blogs or contents that are pretty much the same as yours, and make sure that they have been running almost at the same time as yours. The concept with these interlink exchanges, otherwise known as link exchanges or reciprocal link, is that you will be receiving a backlink if you send one.

However, you must avoid going after too many outbound links and don’t go asking for large high page ranking blogs for an interlink exchange.  Why? Because most probably, they will only ignore you if you’re not that established yet.

Bookmarking Social Network Sites – bookmark social sites such as Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  After all, these sites are not only used for generating your very own backlinks, but they will certainly help in increasing traffic to your site as well.  Remember that your main goal is to be on these websites’ front pages, so you can gain a huge amount of secondary links.bookmarked

Also, always submit entertaining, interesting and fresh content that you believe followers will be interested in. But avoid submitting bad or irrelevant blogs and posts because you might be banned from the site.

Create Links To Other Blogs – bloggers usually keep constant attention on who is linking to their blogs. So, you need to make a good impression by writing your very own quality posts to link to other blogs – to add to the existing discussion.  If you can do this, then you will find bloggers linking back to you in return.

Leave Comments to other Blogs – this is another way of letting other bloggers know that you exist.  However, make sure that you only leave non-offensive and relevant comments. When you leave relevant comments you will draw visitors to your own website, thus earning the exposure that your site needs. There is also a possibility that more sites will link to your post because of your comments.

Create Fresh and Quality Content – you have to bear in mind that quality blogs get attention and receive more links compared to crappy ones. So you must do research on new materials to create your blogs with. Also, be insightful with your blogs to get more followers and to generate more links.

Another advantage in having fresh quality content is that if you constantly update your blogs, readers will be constantly checking your site out to see what is new and trending. Other bloggers may also link to your post or your site and share your links with other bloggers just because they found a post interesting – thereby resulting to more backlinks and traffic to your website.

Join Groups and Forums with related contents – when you join related groups – it means that you have something in common and that readers in your group are equally interested as to what you have to say about a related topic. This makes sending out blogs to readers much easier, because the interest is already there.

Post on forums – forums are one of the best ways to get backlinks.  In fact, it is considerably one of the most used tools as a source of links.

In order to do this, you will first need to provide the URL of each blog that you created, then automatically create a backlink to your site.  So, when a reader checks out and clicks your post – the URL will act as the personal signature of your blog.

Guest Posting, my personal favorite, and the one I always recommend, by writing guest posts which you can request and submit to blogs within your industry. By doing this you are not only acquiring a link back, but also gaining awareness, and a chance to show case what you and your company can do.

These are just some of things that you may want to consider when looking to use backlinking to optimize your site.  Just follow them and you will be surprised at how your page rank got higher than you expected.

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