How To Create Successful Mobile Content

Just like the regular optimization of website content – mobile content must also be necessarily optimized to gain popularity, as well sales and profits.

It must be noted though, that if there is one thing that is quite common among web visitors and mobile surfers – then this is the fact both can be very impatient customers.

However, among the two, mobile users are far more impatient compared to their counterpart.  Why?  It’s probably because mobile surfers are usually on the go since they are using their mobile phones for numerous transactions – whether they are in the grocery store, in the cab, in the train, during their coffee break, or for whatever reason.

On the other hand, web users and mobile users have more or less similar attention spans.  But, web users tend to have shorter attention spans, while mobile users are more easily distracted.  This is usually due to the fact while the latter is browsing, an incoming call or text may come in – which may lead them to abandon their mobile surfing.

So, in order to ensure that your mobile visitors stay – you must be able to create content that will captivate and make them take a look at what you can offer.  Here are some tips when creating your mobile content:

Focus your content on your target audience – the best mobile contents are those that provide solutions and information with regards a specific demographics’ problem and query.  Hence, in using this method, you can create client-specific contents, making it the answer as to what your clients may need and want.

I suggest that you create contents that are the usual necessities, and then focus your contents and goals around them.

Use strong retweetable headlines – headlines are usually the ones that are noticed first.  Hence, when you create a strong headline for your content, then there is a big chance that the visitor will check out your content.  Make your headlines smart, direct and retweetable – so your visitor can share the information with his/her followers, thereby increasing traffic to your content.

Create a short, brief and clear description of the content in your headline.  Through this, visitors will be able to check your site out, and then they can subsequently check your contents for complete information.  Remember that the idea behind having a strong headline is to give the visitor enough mystery in order to entice them to check your content out.

Create visibly clear content – you have to consider that compared to laptops, PCs, and tablets – mobile phones have limited a screen or display.  So, if you create content using small font sizes, it will most likely go unnoticed by visitors.

In other words, you will need to create content with font sizes large enough to be read – and you will need to be extra clear and concise with your content.  This is essential in order for more words to appear in your visitor’s mobile phone without him having to scroll from one page to another just to finish reading the content

Also, it is important to place the most important content in front of your post. As mentioned earlier, mobile users usually only have limited time to read the headlines and anything else in your content. So for them to continue reading on, you will need to put the best part in front.   This way, you will get readers’ attention in the first few seconds.

Besides, by doing this, you will create the impression that all the information your reader needs will be in the first few pages in front.  But in reality, however, the next step is to entice them to make purchases and continue with the buying process.  However, take note that this step will only work if you do your contents and headlines right.

Test your mobile contents performance – when you’re done with your content – the next step to take is to test it first and make experiments before posting it.  This way, you will see any loopholes therein, and then you can find ways to correct and improve them. Also, check if the information stated are relevant and if they are balanced with the space provided for.  Otherwise, take them out.

These are just some of the things to take into account when building content for your mobile campaigns.  Just remember that the better your contents are – the more successful your campaign will be.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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