How to Create Effective Images for Photo Blogging

As I have mentioned before, one of the best way to promote business products or the business itself is thru pictures and images. Aside from posting these photos on Instagram and Tumbler for social exposure, a captivating photo attached to your company website or Facebook page can definitely make a difference in your marketing campaigns.

Although one can just put any photo for brand promotion, one will need to find the right picture that best describes a particular product. This is known as photo blogging. Take note that there are basically a million pictures available online. So, you need to have images that stand out in order to attract more viewers, to generate traffic and to create more profits.

Here are some effective tips for taking better photos for photo blogging:

Create an Interesting Subject – entertaining and unique images will create interest for your audience. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use a photo that looks like a complicated art masterpiece. At times, simplicity works. So, you can use simple photo, but try to keep it interesting as well.

Of course, if you want to go beyond simplicity and be more creative when creating pictures, then it wouldn’t be wrong as well. In fact, to some, it can be even more attractive.

Principles in making great pictures:

a. Learn new techniques and different ways of creating great pictures
b. At times, a picture will depend on the mood of the photographer.
c. Go with the trend. If you find a new way of presenting photos, give it try it.
d. Try to convey your idea through your pictures.

Take Photos at the Best Time of the Day – Lighting is very essential in taking pictures. Although, presently, it can be easy for one to take random pictures and process the images using photo editing software – it still can’t beat the results of using natural lighting.


a. Capture the right light. Usually, an hour or two from sunset is the best time to take outdoor pictures. For indoor pictures, you have to put lights in the right place or put your flash on the right angle to get the best results.
b. Take note of the composition of the picture. This is vital, most especially if you’re taking a single product photo, like for food presentation, or single items. Always take into consideration as to what need to be included in the photo and what are not.

Make a Colorful presentation – others say that this tip applies only to photos that can be attractive with colors. But with gothic and dark concepts, black and gray works best.

Although technically that may be true, it must be noted that the first thing that gets a viewer’s attention is color. Hence, though you can post black and gray photos, it would be wise to include photos with vibrant colors as well. Remember that the intention of photo blogging is to get viewers to be interested in your photos. And the more color there will be, the greater the chance of attracting more people.

Don’t be Afraid to Click Away – it would be better to have hundreds of pictures to choose from rather than having just a few, because it increases the chance of getting that single perfect photo which could be the main key to attract your customers.


a. You get more diverse images if you have lots of pictures to choose from
b. It is also a great training for your eye, and will help you determine which angle will be more appealing
c. By being spontaneous, you get random and very good natural shots out of your subject.

Use the Best Hardware and Software – you have to consider the type of camera that you’ll be using for your photo blog.  I know that using iPhones can be used to take pictures, but if you’re already talking about product images, like for real estate – you don’t want to take a picture of that overlooking view just with your mobile phone, right? After all, not only will it affect the shot, but it will likewise not attract your viewers, as it may lack the drama and beauty needed to entice your audience.

After taking photos, the next thing stage is post-process editing. To make this effective, look for software that can be easily used and understood. Adobe and Photo Elements are some applications that you can start with. Eventually, you can then go to more sophisticated and complete software.

These are just some of the things you may want to keep note of when creating the perfect photos for your photo blog. Just remember that by having better photos, you’ll be able to spread your message across more efficiently. So, shoot away!

Image by Flickr

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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