Email Subject lines – Do your emails get opened?

Have you ever wondered that when you send your emails to your clients, or general marketing emails, if they ever get the attention that they deserve. You have just put a lot of effort into creating an email, the last thing you want it to do is sit in your receivers inbox untouched.

Email marketing is one simplest way to keep your potential customers in the loop. Giving them regular updates. Everyone has his or her own views on how email marketing should be done. Like when to send the emails, the text to use, the titles to use and so forth. Some work perfectly well for businesses, on the other hand some do not work at all, in which case a business can end up spending huge amount of their marketing budget on something that will not bring them much results, hence there ROI on this would be 0.

Nevertheless there are some simple tips one can follow to create a winning email that would work for your business.

The first thing that the recipient sees when you send them an email, is whom the email is from, and what the subject of the email is. You have these two places to promote yourself so that you email gets opened.

Who the email is from: When sending emails, I see many companies using email address such as no reply or sales, or info to send emails. Most of the time these emails get picked up by the spam filters, especially if it’s the first time the receiver is receiving your emails.

What you can do is give it a more personal touch, instead of using email address that are generic, use personalised email accounts such as “your name”, or a “team member” that deals with your companies marketing. By doing so, when your receiver sees this email in their inbox, first thing is they will feel more comfortable in opening the email, as they can relate it to someone, rather than just an anonymous person behind “info” or “sales” email address. Secondly it will give a more personal touch, if that receiver was to convert into a sale, lead or start to interact with your business, they will know who to contact.

Subject Line: This is the most important part of your email marketing, this will determine whether your email will be opened or if it will hit the trash box. When working on the subject line, I tend to move away from the main reason why the email is going out, and give it a more personal touch. Something that would connect with receiver and something along the lines that the receiver would want to open up the email.

One of the other ways you can increase your email open rate is by using words that indicate urgency. Such as time related, for example “Only 1 Day Left for NAME” Or “5 places left for NAME”.

Generally I use:

– Mention their Name or Business in the subject Line.

– Mention a question related to their industry / business.

When writing subject lines for your emails, one thing for sure to stay away from his to have all the letters CAPITAL. This will annoy your subscribes and also probably end up as a spam mail.

Mailchimp, one of the email programs I used, before moving over to AWeber, have done some research on some words to avoid in the subject of your email.

– Free – as it usually gets picked up as spam

– Reminder – usually tends to gets ignored

– Help – usually does not get opened up

You can see more on this article from Mailchimp here.

Frequency: When sending emails, you are generally promoting something whether it’s your service or a product, you need take extra care how often you send out emails. As sending it too often can increase your opt out rates, as your receivers would get fed up, and on the other hand not sending it to frequently could mean you losing out on potential sales.

I prefer not to send out to many marketing emails, as looking at it from a receivers point of view, they also have other stuff to deal with in their inbox, and if you’re sending out promotions, tips, and offers daily or weekly, most probably after some time, your emails would just be a norm to them, and they will start to be ignored. So leaving a good time gap between your emails is important, so when your receiver does see the email in their inbox, it actually stands out.

Depending on how much time you leave between your emails all depends on what you are looking to achieve, I would say at least leave a week if not more. Whatever time scale you decide, aim to keep it consistent, so if you are going to send out email updates the first Monday of every month, ensue you do that. As your subscribes will be waiting.

Make it Personal: the power of personalisation goes a long way, when someone sends me an email, and they use my name, automatically I start to pay attention. That person is actually calling you out (even thou at the back of my mind I know its automated). Also your receiver feels that they have a connection with you already, so just by addressing the receivers with their names can start interaction with this person, and start the path to what you are looking to achieve from your email marketing.

You can also make it personal by mentioning incidents, which relate to them, or something that you know would trigger this person to respond or take action. – In a good way please 🙂

Choice to leave: Everyone has the right to make a decision on what they want and how they want it, and for a subscriber the most annoying thing that can be in receiving your emails is not having the option to opt out. Make it simple for your subscribes to opt out if they prefer. If you are using one Mail Chimp or AWeber, when you send emails the unsubscribe link gets attached to your email footer regardless.

 5 quick reminders.

– Do not use capitals on all the letters in the subject line

– Avoid spamy words, such as Free, Cash, Money,

– Anonymous email accounts

– Make it personal so you can connect

– Do not make difficult to opt out

How is your open rates, do you find it difficult to write subject lines, share your tips below.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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