Importance of Good Friends in Business & Work

Fiends come to us from infancy, through to old age.  We make friends at nursery, through to university – even at the super market, or even when we are at the doctors waiting room.  Wherever we go, we form friendships of varying strengths, with various people.   Their value remains constant, no matter our age, or circumstances, and sometimes we just can’t help it.  Often, we only appreciate the true value of friendship when it is truly tested, or when we lose them. The most common of such tests is that of the work place, and the friends and colleagues that we work with.

The work place is where we spend most of our waking hours, making the importance and value of friendship in the work place of paramount importance.  Just imagine how dull and monotonous work would be if you didn’t have someone who agreed with you that the manager is a right or wrong, or how lonesome your tea/lunch break would be if you didn’t have anyone to discuss the latest office gossip and/politics with? ‘Did you see what XYZ was wearing?’ doesn’t go so well when you get ‘silence’ in reply, does it?  Yep, life would be pretty boring without a friend or two in the work place – who would make the teas?? Having a friend or few at work helps the day go by that little bit quicker and they are there to support you through the tuff and fun times.

The friends we have a very strong relationship with, are the friends we value the most.  Often, these friends will pick up slight changes in our moods/gestures and general behaviour quicker than family members would.  We often reveal more of ourselves to our friends, than to our own families.  We are born with the love & relationships we have with family members, whereas, we build our friendships from scratch with our friends.  Sometimes, we can’t talk to family about certain subjects, as there is that familial bond & fear of rejection, or judgement, which can do some serious damage to the relationships we have within our family!!

In many ways, our circles of friends are like mini families –  We’ve all been to school, college & university, and spend most of our day with them at work (average 35 hours a week or even more).  We keep our core friends – the ones you don’t speak to for months, then when you get in touch, it’s as though the last time you spoke was last week, that’s how close your friendship is!!  But, as we progress through life…and schools & jobs, we make new friends, reflecting the changes we go through as people developing and growing. Creating different ‘circles’ of friends.  Sometimes, our ‘circles’ of friends overlap, other times they don’t.

Family members can be our friends, right?  Not necessarily.  Its true to say that we have some levels of friendship with our family, but often it isn’t the same as what we have with our ‘non family’ friends.  With family, we can’t always be ourselves, often falling into line with the rest of the family.  We often choose friends who reflect the other sides of us, which wouldn’t normally come out – e.g., if you have a secret goth in you & your family are all plain, you’ll naturally gravitate towards people who share similar interests as you.  Or, if you’re a tennis freak like me, you won’t get on with someone who loves spending the afternoon sitting in front of the TV, watching telly & stuffing yourself with, fatty, artery clogging, bad food, will you?? But sometimes, there are exceptions to the norm – as they say, opposites attract!!!

Friends & Business

In business having good friends around is a form of motivation, as when you speak to them , 9 out of 10 times in your conversation you will discuss your business,  your day to day activities, or even some of your customers, its natural, as sometimes you have had a really long day and just need to talk to someone about it, and having a good friend that you can relate to and share your ideas with can take off some of the burden off you, even though it may not resolve any issues, but it will definitely make you feel better.

Business at times can also be comes extremely lonely, many new start-up companies, especially if you’re starting up your business online, you’re probably setting up from home, in a spare room you have, so most of the day it would probably just been you and your computer. Which can get you really down,  and lonely, as having someone there that you can share the odd joke with, or go for lunch together with, can help in your business productivity.

Having good friends that you can also consult with about your business will help solve those certain problems, and brick walls that you come across. Many of the times, when I need to make a big decision I sometimes consult my friends, and get their opinion, as sometimes they may see something for a different angel, which I may have missed out, and it’s also good to get couple of various opinions, so that you can make a final decision.

For example. I wanted to advertise my Web Solutions Company, on a web design portal, but was in two minds about doing so, after speaking to one of my other friends, who’s also in business, made me think that, if I don’t put the advert out, I would never know the results, and it would always play at the back of my mind, that what if I took that advertising opportunity. So sometimes good friends are there to give you good advice, and also put you in the right directions, which if your along, you can get easily side tracked.

“Many people will walk in and out of your life; but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

What are your experience with friends, and business, share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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