Make Yourself Worthy Of Ranking High In Search Results

When you launch on the world wide web, you want to rank well, and get traffic to your site. The day your website goes on the world wide web, I’m sure you carry out some searches on Google to look out for your website, and to see where it is in the search results. Many new business owners expect the website to be right at the top of the search results

. But than reality hits and you actually notice that your website is not where you expected it to be, and start to ask questions to your development team. It’s okay, this was the picture that was painted for you while developing your site.

Now first things first, you’re not going rank at the top straight away, and get thousands of visitors coming to your website…That’s not normal if it happens. If this was as easy as that, Google and Other search engines would have allot of answering to do. What you have to understand is, rankings and popularity in search engines is earned and gained over time. You have to prove that your website is worthy of ranking higher in search results.

Google and other search engines are constantly improving their algorithms, and searching on the internet is evolving day by day. How we searched five years ago, is different to how we search on the web today. The search results are more targeted, more specific, and more personal. I can search for one key phrase, and get a completely different set of results, where else my colleague suiting next to me could search for the exact same thing, and see a whole set of new results. So how do you measure where your business is ranking.  Google is encouraging and forcing on personalised results based on social signals. The people you interact with, the people you follow and engage with in social networking platforms, are all having an impact on your search results, whether you like it or not.

For example look at the results below for the search phrase “online business interview” you can see my personal blog is ranking 3rd, and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income is ranking 4th and Andrew Warners’s Mixergy Blog is ranking 4th. For me these are fantastic results, as I know who these people are, and I am more likely to click on their websites rather than others that I see below. The reason…simple…it’s because I have a social relationship with them on social networking sites(Google & Twitter).

On the other hand look at the results below, which is of the same search phrase, but the results are completely different, no one that I can relate to straight away. The difference is, I am logged into my Google account in one, and not in the other.

Now from a business point of view. You will have a better impact and chance of converting new customers and generating leads by building strong connections online though social signals. If you are engaging with someone online, by building your brand and reputation, when they see your website rank in search results. Its most likely that they will click on your link rather than others, once on your site, you also have a better chance of converting these visitors as they already have some sort of connection with your brand, and this can only be achieved if your active on these social platforms, and focus on building relationship as we know People buy from People they like, so if your good at charming and interacting with them online, the chances are your followers like you, and if you put something in front of them to buy, why shouldn’t they buy from you?

When you launch your business online, what you need to look is at a bigger picture. The picture beyond search results, yes achieving number one rankings in search results is possible, but you need to have a clear plan of action, and work towards it with an experienced SEO, individuals and organisations that understand search, people that have spent years learning, testing and keeping up with search trends. Hence the importance of hiring a good SEO firm. Now the bigger picture beyond search results is having your business worthy of ranking higher in search results. Why should Google, Bing, or Yahoo give your site preference above others.

To help you build your authority and presence online, below is a quick list your business can start doing today:

  1. Start an SEO campaign
  2. Get yourself social media accounts for your business(Twitter, Facebook, Google+, even Pintrest)
  3. Start to be active and build connections on these social networking sites.
  4. Create a blog, where you will show your expertise.
  5. Set yourself a schedule on keeping your blog up to date, if you or one of your team members can’t keep it up to date look at alternatives, such as hiring someone solely for this or outsourcing.
  6. Look into writing guest post on other authority sites within your niche.
  7. Monthly reviews with your SEO.

By doing the above quick steps doesn’t guarantee that you will rocket yourself to the top of search results, but what it does mean, if you continuously do this, and constantly build strong connections online, and post valuable information on your business blog. You will start to build your authority and presence online and also notice that your circle online starts to expand. People that you didn’t now before, now you do, and have some sort of connection with the, which are all signals to the search engines that your site and brand is gaining popularity online. Now search engines do not just look at the above, there are many other ranking factors that count, hence the importance of hiring an SEO, for example just Google itself has over 400 factors that it looks at before ranking website, now going through every single point and aiming to understand every point would mean, that you want have time to give to your actual business. One of the advise I generally give to my clients, is you focus on what you do best which is building you’re business, and leave the rest to the experts.

In reality for your website to get some attention you just need rank better than your competition. Take each step at a at a time. If your business is new online, don’t expect to go out there and out rank all the big boys as you will just be climbing a really big hill, but if you break this down, and take each step at a time. Start to out rank your local competition first, and then move on from there, by building some momentum, before you know it your in with the big boys and counted as a bigger player within your industry.

Key takeaway. Ranking higher in search results is possible, break it down into smaller doable tasks, work closely with an SEO to out rank sites better than you, and start to build your footprints online one step at a time.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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