Know Your Recipients In Email Marketing

Email is a great tool to communicate with others. Most online users especially in corporate world check their emails almost everyday; making it one of the best ways tomarket online.

Email marketing is the process of promoting services, products, brands or awareness through emails. Some call it eNewsletters, others call it mass mailing. Either way, it is about communicating to groups of people through email endorsing for a certain agenda.

Sending emails is easy. Hence, sending emails that will build lasting business relationships to your customers is decisive. Some people are now protective of their information. Others use spam guards, the process of emails passing first to spam protector servers before appearing to the customer’s inbox.

To create a persuasive email that will receive a good response from the recipients, you need to know how to do it the right and smart way. Below are some steps on how to do effective email marketing.

Steps on How to Do Email Marketing

1. Name and Email list
Prepare first your list of emails and corresponding names. Make sure that you are also authorized to send emails to this address. Either they subscribed somewhere from your website, or they have requested to receive newsletters from you elsewhere. Otherwise you are breaking the law and sending spam also emails that will not be effective. As your recipients will not pay any attention to them.In connection have the emails in accessible locations and group them according to subscriptions categories, which will make it easier to target various audiences.

2. Decide on Contents
In order to build lasting relationship with your recipients, you need to convince them that you are not sending a spam but relevant emails which they can benefit from. Below are some points to consider:

First, decide on the goal of your email before writing the contents. Are you promoting a product? Are you asking for a survey? Do you want them to visit your site? There needs to be a focus in your email, and what you are looking to achieve out of it.

Second, as you write your contents, put a call to action. This can be a button like “Buy now and get 20% discount”, a statement like “Tell us what you think about our cause” or a link like “Take the survey now”. Once you have sent the emails, you want your readers to take action. So when constructing your marketing email, have clear call of actions, which stand out for your readers to quickly, click on. Sometimes your readers will not read your email, but click on the call of action button or links. So they need to be positioned well and also highlighted.

Third, make your marketing email straight to the point. You do not need a long story or a case study with it, a few testimonials, and the advantages of what you are offering is sufficient.

Fourth, check your grammars and spelling before finalizing your contents. Users might not be patient enough to decipher incorrect grammars and spellings.

Fifth, if you are using HTML or images, make sure you create a text version that is in readable layout. Some emails do not display images or HTML scripts on first view unless the user allows these components.

3. Decide on Frequency
You can send emails once a week if you know your customers are expecting such content once a week. Hence, there are some users who do not always want to receive emails, especially those who are too busy. They might just select boxes of your unread emails and hit trash bins. This comes down to knowing your readership, and also the point above on what content you are going to send. If you are sending marketing and sales pitches every week, after a while I’m sure your subscribes will start to opt out, if you do want to send emails on a weekly biases, sending tips and advise which will benefit your readers is a good option to go with.

4. Privacy Statement

Make sure you secure your customers by putting privacy  statement somewhere in your emails. This is to let them know that their information is protected in your business, and also genuine by your company.

5. Unsubscribe Option

This is giving your customers the option to remove their emails from your mailing list. This is an automated link somewhere at the bottom of the email content. You have to put this option before they tag your emails as spam.

6. Sending Emails

Just before you send your email you have to consider certain things.

First, use a valid email address. Make sure you do not invent your email address, its best to use your company email id or your personal email id. Give them an email where they can respond to your message. Also, be specific in the “From” detail. Do not just send email from Your “From” column should be something like “Your Name or Company Name”.

Second, use an attractive and relevant title. If your recipient sees your email title as something not vital to them, they will not even read it, they will just send it to trash. An effective title will encourage your receivers to open your email.

Third, timing. When scheduling your marketing emails, timing plays a big factor in it, the timing of your email has to be specific and relevant to your audience for them to take action and also for you fully benefit from your marketing email. For example, you can send emails in the morning and in earlier days of the week for corporate people before they go out in the fields or start focusing on paper works. For students, you may send them emails during the weekends, they will have more time on the internet during their rest days in schools. Again understanding and knowing your mailing list will help you make this decision.

Fourth, testing before sending. Make sure you test your email first before broadcasting it to others. See how it will look like on different platforms, and on a mobile too, both the HTML and text versions. You can easily send a test email to one of your email accounts and see how it looks, this will also allow you to check of any errors and contents that you may have missed out.

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Email marketing is very effective as most online users are checking their emails from time to time. However, doing it the wrong way may harm you as well being tagged as spam or receiving negative responses. Be careful, be creative and most importantly know your mailing list.

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