How to Generate Interest for your Mobile App

Mobile marketing is only going on one direction – and this is up. Proof of this statement is the thousands of mobile apps hitting the market every day, making it even bigger. However, this also makes it harder to promote mobile apps to customers – as the competition can get tougher.

The most common reason why mobile app marketing can be quite difficult, is the fact that most mobile app developers only pay attention to promotion strategies after the mobile app is launched. Take note, however, that promotion starts even before apps are launched. Hence, you must do the same.

Here are some tips to create interest for your mobile app and for more success:

1. Create a Splash Page – a splash page is a picture that appears on the front page while the site is loading. This usually covers the entire screen while the page is loading, making it a very effective tool for brand promotion. This page then disappears after loading finishes.

Create splash pages with product images, short descriptions, date of launch and other basic details and other features that your product offers. In addition, create animation and graphics for your splash page to entertain viewers while the loading is in process.

You can also create a newsletter and regularly update your splash page. For example, you can create a countdown to the day of the release of the product, like “4 days to product release”, and then attach it to the top part of your splash page.

2. Create a Sneak Peak for your Customers – look for communities and groups on social media sites that fit your target audience. You can then utilize sites like Dribble and Forrst, to share sneak peeks of products still in the making. Aside from that these sites are a good platform to observe and check feedbacks among potential customers and at the same time build the interest and drive of consumers to buy the product upon release.

This gives that consumer the feeling that they have contributed in creating the product, with the help of their suggestions and comments. And because they feel connected to the product, they will in turn be loyal and will try to promote it themselves – by encouraging others to avail the product.

You might also want to get involved with application blogs, because some may write content about your application even if it is still on the development stage.

3. Make a Teaser Video about your product – you don’t have to be an expert videographer to create a teaser video. All you have to do is have a good quality video recorder in order to capture a clear and high quality video. You can then create a preview of the app that you’re making with its help.

Show your consumer what to expect from your app and its features. Include good music and narration on the background as well to create an entertaining and lasting effect to viewers.

4. Work with Beta Testers – this is a good example of how marketing and development should work side by side. Encourage your potential customer to try a beta test app. This is for you to assess how they actually find your product and to repair or change features that do not have good reviews.

What is great with having beta testers is that they will help you find ways to improve the app before it launches, as they can give you positive and negative feedbacks alike. Additionally, they can also help you market your product to other potential customers – which means you will have more customers waiting, even before the product launch.

5. Use Promo Codes – these are codes provided for iOS apps and others, which you can share to app-focused blogs, app communities, press, friends and social media to entice and attract more people.

Those who get their hands on these promo videos can review the product even before its launching date. And when they find it interesting, they can write something about it, in their blogs or post a review about it, which again will result to the spreading of the news about your app – and the increase of the interest generated about it, as well as its popularity.

These are just some of the things to take into account when creating your own mobile app. Just remember that the more interest you are able to generate, the greater will be the chance of it becoming successful.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

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