Effective Online Marketing beyond SEO

Several businesses are making giant profits merely with the help of effective online marketing. And when we say online marketing, many of us considers SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Effectual SEO can indeed bring potential clients to your website but that does not mean they will end up buying anything from you.

SEO is not just optimizing your site and waiting for search engines to index your site, there are many factors that contribute all towards SEO and which are taken into count when search engines rank your site in search results, which all fall under the banner of Popularity (how popular your site is), and how Relevant your site is, in terms of the contents that you put on your site. Everything under SEO Campaign than comes under these banners, such as Social Media, Link Building, Blogging, Press Releases, On page optimization…. You name it.

Someone with knowledge and good background can carry out these tasks, hence ensuring that you hire the right SEO to optimize your website. While they are working on your Search Engine Optimization, you as a business owner can also look into other avenues of promoting your brand, as you will not see your SEO results straight away, it can take couple of months for everything to relay kick in. Now as a business owner, you still need to promote your business, below are some of the activates you can carry out, which can also work along side your SEO, and drive traffic to your website.


Social Media Marketing

Social media sites are among those great sites to market your brand. If you want to connect to a vast number of people online, social media sites are the best places to do so. Everyday, billions of users is active in these sites.

How to Do Social Media Marketing  Social Media Marketing

  1. Have a list social networking sites, signup and set your profiles into public view. This process is strengthening your back links and relevance of your website online.  
  2. Focus your updates and promotions on giant social networks like Facebook, Twitter and linkedin.
  3. Be active and update periodically.
  4. Beautify your social network profiles.
  5. Connect and interact with your potential markets.
  6. Be consistent with your brand principles.

E-marketing  Email Marketing

Emails are already essential to most of us. Like Facebook, we check our emails almost everyday. We keep track of our messages and updates on email. However, unlike with social media sites, email marketing or e-marketing is a little sensitive. We must not spam our target markets no matter how corporate our e-Newsletters look like. We must also not send crap emails or they will either go spam box or trash bins.

How to Do E-Marketing

  1. Gather list of names and emails. Make sure that you have permissions to send them emails. You can either put subscribe box in your site or request to your potential clients if you can send them e-Newsletters in periodical basis.
  2. Put relevant contents. You do not just say you are selling this and that, prepare something to read for about your product. You can also put snippets of your articles and display links pointing to your site.
  3. Never forget to put call to action. This can be a somewhat “buy now” button or “Learn More” link. Something that will lead them into a decision that you want.
  4. Always give them unsubscribe option. No matter how good your e-Newsletter is; there are snobs who might still do not want to receive any from you. So before they hit the spam button, respect their privacy and give them options to unsubscribe.
  5. Right timing of sending emails. You can experiment on this. You might send early in the week like Mondays for corporate employees so you before they start the week, they will already read your emails.

Online Community MarketingOnline Community Marketing

Online communities like forums can increase your popularity and gain dominance for your site. Despite that it takes time to earn reputations in online communities, they can give you worthy online connections and relevant back links.

How to do Online Community Marketing

  1. Sign up to communities of your same niche. If you want your brand to be a leader, identify your niche and start establishing your networks.
  2. Be a help and leave essential contents. Online communities were developed to support each other. Most people are coming to online communities to ask for help or promote something, so be an aid and a compliment to them.

Online Advertisements
If you do not have enough time to do the 3 other marketing ways above, investing in online advertisements might help you promote your brand. Just be creative with your keywords and ad contents like texts, videos or images.

Considering ways other that can work alongside your SEO to top the World Wide Web which can also be a big step towards your online success.


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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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