Easy ways to increase Facebook ad efficiency

One of the most common issues among online marketers in Facebook is that although they have a decent number of CTRs, they tend to get very low conversion rates.  And this is why they ask: How to create an efficient ad campaign in Facebook?

Here are some useful tips to do it:

Create a clear and clean landing page

When I say clear landing page, I’m referring to a landing page that has clear text messages that can be easily read and understood by Facebook visitors.  Most Facebook ads contains too much graphics and are too colorful – to the extent that the message is not sent clearly to the reader anymore.

A clear landing page means that you don’t put too many irrelevant links, buttons and banners in your landing page.  Of course, providing links to your company website is important – but try to limit these links at 1 to 3, so as not to create a total mess of your landing page.

Provide an interesting header and back it up

Most advertisers use attractive words for consumers to click their ads, only to find out that the website is poorly made, and that it doesn’t contain enough information and images to promote or encourage customer to purchase products – thus, the low conversion rates.

You can provide a simple company Facebook ad, coupled with simple and honest descriptions, and then attach it with your company logo with a picture of your office and product – in order to attract buyers and increase brand awareness. Also, make sure that your company website will contain complete information about your products, its prices, as well as images to increase conversion rates.

Bear in mind that customers expect the services and the information in your Facebook ad to be true and consistent with your website. Any alterations or differences may send the wrong message and may result to the abandonment of the transaction altogether.

Present attractive offers in your Ad

This is another effective approach by online marketers to use their Facebook ads efficiently – where they provide discounts and freebies in their advertising campaigns in order to create increased CTR and conversion rates.

This approach works perfectly for directing traffic to your website, and then following it up with an attractive offer, as well as other brand and product promotions.  However, you must make sure that you have a landing page that has simple and fast payment transactions, in order to eliminate doubts and second thoughts from your customers.

Combine brand promotion and awareness with sale

This is another approach in increasing conversion rate for your Facebook ad.  But for this strategy to work out, you will need to have very good brand promotion, so that the customer will be persuaded to continue and take the risk in buying something that is new. In other words, this will encourage the consumer to first become a fan of the product through your fan page.make the sale

In this approach, you will be presenting a new product in your ads, with all the descriptions and the features of the product – and at the bottom of the page is a link that will direct that consumer to your website, where he/she can continue with the buying process.

Be oriented with Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising has their very own bidding system, which entitles the bid winners to get the most exposure on their Facebook ads. So, if you’re still planning to create a Facebook ad – make sure that you know everything about the bidding system of Facebook. This way, you’ll be able to create a marketing plan and you can also spend a little extra on your bids to get more exposure.

Next step is to find your very own demographic. Example is if you’re an employment agency – then you can join groups such as nursing groups, architecture groups, etc to find the right demographics.  This way, when you post ads to these groups – there is a higher chance that they will purchase your product or services because they find it relevant to their fields.

Find the right time to post your Facebook ads

This is one of the most omitted strategies among Facebook marketers.  Always remember to keep track of the usual time that your demographics are checking out their Facebook accounts, so that you can strategize as to when they’ll be able to view your ads. In this manner, you’ll get a higher chance of converting visitors to clients – and then make them your actual customers.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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