Do you have the right Mindset for your new online business?

Dear Business Owner

Congratulations on setting up your online business, and taking the first step to start your online presence. Having a website is just the first step, and your online journey does not stop there. As you may already know there are many advantages of having a website, but the main thing is, to have a website that works, and brings in visitors, and most importantly those visitors that convert into sales or leads.

I understand you want to see your website on the first position of Google, well everyone does, its natural,  but the problem is there is only one spot, and thousands of websites are fighting for that one spot. Who does Google give it to? Tuff decision for them.

Do they give it the new guy in town, who’s just launched online with their new website?


Do they give it to someone paying Big money?


Do they give it to someone that’s been trading for a while.

the list can go on.

Now as a business owner, when you launch your website, you need to have the right mindset. Forget about that number one spot on Google for the time been. What we need to do is get our house in order, and make our website worthy of a higher position in search engines.

Now paying $50, $100, $150 per month doesn’t guarantee you or anyone that number one spot, imagine IF it did, this is just a small fee, I’m sure everyone would be doing this. Can you imagine if that’s all it was worth, you pay $100 per month, and you’re on page1, first position, most probably before you go to pay the second months $100 you’ve already seen your return in investment. No…Realistically that’s not the case. This also doesn’t mean that you pay thousands of dollars every month too. No.. what needs to be done is as a business owner, you need to set realistic expectations, and also have a good team that will work on your website and with your company to deliver results.

Where do you see yourself when you launch.

When Google ranks your website it looks at over 200 factors before it brings you the results. When you launch your website, not seeing yourself in the search engines is okay, give them a chance to know that you actually exist. Once you have your site up and running, it’s time to put a plan of action together on how you would be promoting and marketing your website online over a period of time and setting realistic expectations. As to be honest with you things do not happen overnight on the web, well especially for a new business. Just like any traditional marketing, you have to build your brand, your image, and your presence, one step at a time, and yes once you have become leaders in your industry than that’s a different scenario altogether. But to start off with, you have to put some effort.

3 Plan of actions for your new online business

  • Search Engine Marketing: If you’re serious about promoting your business online, you need to do Search Engine optimisation, now as a business owner you don’t’ have to do everything yourself, and understand how all the logistics work, and all the nitty gritty stuff, as mentioned Google looks at over 200 factors when ranking a website, now if you were to study all of these and look into implementing this into your website, you might as well change your line of business. I would advise leave this to the experts, and focus on what you do best, which is running your business. Look for a reputable internet marketing company to handle your search engine marketing campaign.

  • Socail Media Marketing: If you haven’t already registered your business on social platforms, get this done, as it should be one of your tasks when you launch your website online. As a new business you may be on limited budget, and not have the resources to hire an expert social media marketer, not a problem, take some time to study or train an in-house staff member to manage your social media presence, so that you can connect and network with your customers, followers and also generate a new avenue for sales.

    Having your voice on social media, will not just contribute towards your sales revenue, but most importantly would also build your brand and image online. This is where users are, this is where things happen, and as a new business its imperative that you have a voice on these platforms in some form or another.

  • Blog: Having a business blog has many benefits from building your brand, raising your opinion and communicating with your customers, besides all of this, it helps with the above two points (Search Engine Marketing & Socail Media Marketing). By having a business blog, you can start to attract new visitors to your site which you can convert into sales or leads, along with also giving out information on products, your company news and events, and general industry information.

    As search engines like new fresh content, and at times having a business website you may not necessary update it frequently as your services or products may not have changed, but by having a blog on your domain, you are constantly adding new pages to your site which the search engines can crawl and index. From the users point of view, you are building your brand, and showing what your company knows and is capable off, along with proving that professional business image. Having a blog is a win win situation for both the users and for search engines, as long as you keep it updated frequently.

    Blog helps in Socail Media Marketing, when you post a new article, and share it on the internet on such platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google +, you’re encouraging others to also share your post, with their networks and circles. Which over time you can start to really get your voice out there by your articles going viral. As a new business owner a perfect opportunity to build your brand. Not only that,  you can start conversations over your blog posts, and also build new connections for your business.

  • Local Presence: After launching your site, the first thing you should also do is to get your local listings in order. You may be looking to target the bigger fish, but letting many small fishes go pass which could be worth a lot to your business. Overall you don’t even know if the bigger business that you are targeting will convert into sales. But on the other hand your local customers are ready to buy off you. You just need to show them that you are there. Local Search results is  being given more and more importance, just like you would list your business in the local phone book, get your business listed online with local directors, along with Google Places and Bing Local.

Is Page 1 ranking important for your business

Yes  page one ranking is important for all business, but as mentioned looking at a bigger picture, there are only 10 spots, and realistically most of the users only look at the top 3-5 spots. Yes we should all aim for a higher target, but having the correct mindset will help your online business and your overall approach to internet marketing. It doesn’t matter if your rankings are not brilliant straight away. It will take time, and the reason why your competitors are where they are is because they put the time, the effect, and were consistent in what they do, so they have all the rights to rank well, but this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what they have. At least you know it’s possible. But one thing as a start-up company I would advise is not to give up. To really get the best out of our your online marketing, you need to be consistent in what you do, and the results will come.

Yours Sincerely

Wasim Ismail

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