Choosing the Right Product to Promote Online

Businesses online has given so much opportunities to many people especially those who want to earn extra income with a very small investment. Even sometimes zero investment, just a few extra time and some skills. It does not even requires to have so much talent as the internet is full of all possible tips that you may need as you start earning online.

See some tips below:

  1. NicheDecide on the niche that you want, maybe softwares, books, online tools or anything of your interest. Make sure you choose a niche that you can be knowledgeable about and something that you know you can market.After choosing your niche, narrow down your options to the products that you want to sell. You can focus on one product first as a beginner then add more as you progress in selling online. Consider choosing a unique product also so you will only have a smaller competition. Unless you are really an expert SEO specialist, riding a bandwagon in choosing product to sell might work well with you.
  2. Affiliate PriceSigning up a paid affiliate application does not guarantee a sale to you. There are so many free affiliate memberships on the internet where you can generate atleast 3 figures monthly income, other experts can even gain more than 5. So it is wiser to earn for free.
  3. Product PriceConsider a product price that you think is fair enough to purchase online. If you are selling a $2000 laptop, your readers may just read your reviews but will not hit the buy button and go to the laptop stores instead. It can be better if you will sell $50 unique software.

    It does not mean that you must always sell small price products. There are also other high price products that are still enticing to buy online. Just be wise and always put yourself on the buyers’ shoes.
  4. CommissionCheck the commission percentage that the merchant will pay for every successful sale. Compute the amount of commission that you will get from the product price. It is better to sell a smaller price product but a higher rate commission that can give you $50 than a higher price product with a lower rate commission that can only give you around $10. For example, it is better to promote a $30 product with 60% commission than a $600 with 2% commission.
  5. Customer ReviewCheck the product’s customer reviews. It is better to know first the reputation of the product before selling it to your potential buyers. If you are selling a crap, it is like you are saying to your buyers that you are a crap too, making money out of scams. You can test the product too to see if the customers’ reviews are correct as many sellers can fake testimonies and reviews online. I would advise only promote and sell products that you have used or would use within your business or personally.
  6. Right Tools to UseMake sure that when you sign up, you will be given an affiliate control panel to check the statistics of your click through and sales. There are also some websites like clickbanks and cj commission that allows you to sell several affiliate products. These sites provide control panels that display statistics for all your products.

Gaining profit online is not a one time set up. Others even take years before their earnings became stable. Just be patient, consistent and smart in marketing/selling.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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