Choosing between Pay per Clicks and Pay per Impressions for your Blog

Blogging is the behavior of posting comments, photos, videos, songs and more in a chronological manner such as “Related Posts” or “Archives List”. It is now not only to share thoughts online, make new friends and promote your self. Several bloggers are already making a living out of blogging; some are even making 5 to 6 figure sums.

Most bloggers gain profits by posting ads to their sites, either pay per click or pay per impressions. If the customer chooses to advertise products via pay per click, he will only be charged if his ad gained clicks. In connection, if the customer chooses to advertise products via pay per impressions, he will only be charged if his ad gained impressions on the bloggers website.

This is the same principle with publishers or bloggers. If he displayed pay per clicks, no matter how much impressions his site has, he will only received payments when the ads were clicked. Same with pay per impressions, no matter how many clicks the ads has, he will only received payments once the ads reached the set amount of impressions per day or per month.

Choosing what is best for your site before posting any ads might affect your revenues. See below:

  1. Complement Blog Niche with Your Ads

Before posting your ads, make sure that your blog niche complement with your Ads niche. This is where most bloggers failed especially if the publisher chooses to display pay per click. If your visitor are reading your blog about the latest mobile phone model, it is rarely that he will click an ad about dogs training. Hence, if they are reading your blog about SEO for a Drupal site, they are more likely to visit your ad if it is about buy Drupal books, or information on Drupal CMS.

Displaying ads of the same niche with your blog can also prevent confusions to your readers. Hence choosing the correct advert to display on your site so that you fully benefit from it can be quite a task but once done well, you will surely see it work for you, it's also more a trial and error, as some adverts will work on other blogs and not nessecessery with yours.

  1. Monthly or Daily Traffics / Impressions

Monitoring your periodical amount of traffics or impressions is a must whether you are displaying pay per clicks or pay per impressions ads. With this, you can experiment before finally deciding on the ads locations, number of ads to post and on whether you will choose per pay clicks or pay per impressions. For example, if you are aware that your site is gaining high traffic a month, it is logical to publish pay per impressions ads. Hence, if you are only starting, it is better to displays pay per click ads, make sure that the products are somewhat the same niche with your blogs.

There are servers that can provide ads that detect niches of your blogs by simply analyzing the page contents, such as Google AdSense. In this way, if you are planning to expand blogs of different niches in one site just by sorting them via tabs, you can display the codes from servers with the same intelligence as Google AdSense without manually putting different codes per page. This can be a quick solution, as you than don't have to worry about your adds, it's all taken care of automaticly.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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