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Once we have a website, we want visitors to come to our website, and one of the factors of an SEO camping usually includes link building. Obtaining good quality links from relevant websites around you. Search engine’s rank websites based on various conditions, and one of them is popularity. How popular your website is on the web, and one of the ways of measuring popularity is seeing the number of quality links pointing back to your website.

Doing link building from day one of your website launch is important, and many business can fall into a tarp of doing this incorrectly, which will damage their online presence, which can also be extremely difficult to recover from this.  The key of link building is “Quality”, the links that you get pointing to your website need to be relevant and come from good authority websites. Now as a business owner, you have just launched your website, your desperate for some traffic and you know that one of the ways to get your SEO going is getting more link backs, so what do you do? You go and buy a bunch of links from some email, or some searches that you have done online, thinking it’s a fabulous deal, all I am paying is $50 or so and wala I have xx mount of links.

Great, now you have all of these links pointing at your website, but when you look closer at what links are exactly pointing at your website you will come to notice that its actually spam links, these links are not benefiting anyone, nor they are providing and relevance and nor they are of any quality. In fact its damaging your presence online. Yes I know it can be very tempting to buy links, but to be honest, stay far from it. Let the experts whom you have hired deal with your SEO campaign, and if you are unsure about anything, it’s always best to ask.

As a business owner how can I Help my link building Campaign?

The easiest way of acquiring good quality links back to your website is through your own network. Ask your customers, suppliers, friends and family if they would be happy to have a link back to your website. You know these people and business that you deal with, you know what sort of content goes on their website, and if its within your niche, industry, it will be a better source of an inbound link, compared to some directory that you have never heard off.

You can also ask your Social Media contacts, such as your business friends on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google +, mentioning about your website that you have, and if they would be interested in supporting you by linking back to your website.

The other way you can help your link building campaign is by writing some guest post, and contacting some blogs within your niche that have good readership asking to post your article.  By doing so, you will gain more awareness on the web, as all of the readers of that blog will get to know about you, and also you will gain a nice link back to your website. If you can aim to do this at least once a month, over 12 months you have gained 12 new high quality link backs that you did not have before, or you probably wouldn’t have ever had. So guest posting is one way that you can really help boost your awareness.

What you can also do on a regular biases is submit your website to Local directories, directors that you know users would use, and they tend to search these directors to find business locally. Having a presence in such directors would benefit and also having a link to your website.

If you do have time as a business owner, you can search forums online, even Yahoo Answers, or Google Groups, and help others within your industry, by answering to their questions, and pointing to relevant pages on your website which has answer to their questions too.  As part of this exercise follow some industry blogs, and leave good high quality informative comments to their articles. This exercise is not an over night win, but if your are consistent in doing so, your brand will start to be noticed by others who are frequent on these platform, and at the same time you are gaining links from them too.

Sometimes you get websites, blogs, forums within a certain niche that write reviews about products and services, contact these site admins, and ask them if they would consider writing a review about your products and services. It may mean you have to give a way a free product to them so that they can write a review, but you will gain a good link back to your website and an honest feedback, which you can build on.


Link building is important, but the point to take away is, its not a numbers game, you rather have less links which are of high quality than more links, which do not hold any value.

It’s about building your brand and authority online, and the best way to do it is actually, put the effort in bit by bit and you will start to see your fruit blossom, and before you know it, you are building a strong brand online.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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