Aspects of Online Marketing and How to Do it Well

There are several ways on how we can promote our brands online; via Social Media, Search Engine Optimization or Advertisements. However, to be effective and clear with our goals, it is always best to first prepare and know exactly the important aspects of online marketing.

3 Important Aspects that You May Look at in Online Marketing

  1. Campaign
    This is like the container of all your marketing focus and activities. For example: Campaign “ComA” for Company A. Every plans and marketing information for Company A will go to campaign “ComA”.
  1. Medium
    This is the tool that you are using to connect with your potential clients. For example: For campaign “ComA”, you will use e-newsletters to educate your customers and entice them to do certain actions.
  1. Source
    This identifies the origin of the content to the potential customers and who are delivering the message. For example: The messenger of your contents is Company B.

Preparation for Online Marketing

  1. Purpose
    It is necessary that you know the specific goals of your marketing activities, of course, not only to gain profits. You can set something like 100 visits a day.
  1. Team
    Your marketing team can be those internal staffs doing all the plans and activity measures sending tasks to the source of your online marketing. The source will then communicate the message to the potential clients.
  1. Period
    You can set whether your specific marketing activity is only for a certain period. This is normally applied to paid promotions like advertisements. Some companies are normally hiring marketing teams at the start of their business then after a period of time, the campaign will stop and they will just do their own marketing strategies there after.

Effective Online Marketing Activities

Below are just some of possible marketing activities that you can consider for your business.

  1. Online Communities
    We are aware that people are now deeply engaged into social media and online communities. Whether for business or for pleasure, people are actively up every day with their online communities. With this, if you are looking to interact with your potential customers, online communities such as forums and social networking sites are the best places to promote your brand.
  1. Search Engine Optimization
    If you are on page 1 of the search engine results, whether you have page ranks or none, it is like having your dominance on the web. Hence, it is of course always better to have page ranks as high as possible as this indicates your relevance and presence on the World Wide Web.
  1. Online Advertisements
    If you are busy and do not have people to do marketing for you, subscribing to online advertisements is the easiest way you can market your site. You can experiment whether pay per impressions or pay per click works well for you. For example: If you are running a Facebook page, it can be better to subscribe to Pay per Impressions other than Pay per Click, just make sure your fan page has relevant contents and attractive to people.

Above are just some snippets of areas to consider in doing online marketing; but the main secret to everything is to fully commit with what you are doing and be always thirsty of knowledge as the internet is always changing every day.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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