5 Useful Tips in Creating an Effective Website Banner

The internet is full of advertising in various different styles and creativities just to catch the attentions of prospect clients. Nevertheless, what are the main points that we need to consider in order for our banners to be effective? To answer this question, we need to see our banners in the view of our visitors. What will they feel upon looking at your banner? Will they be compelled to click onto it and make some actions? or  Will they share your banner with others?

Below are some tips that you may want to consider:

  1. Clear Style & Design
    A clean design which is easy for the visitors to recognize your banners purpose within seconds. The designs need not to be complicated, but a simple yet unique and striking style will do. The style should be of such that website owners would be happy to have such banner on the site. On the other hand, the text needs to be a catchy line, something that when your visitors read it, they will agree and be tempted to click it. To do this you can also use animated banners which can be designed in .gif format, which will help in attracting interest towards the banner.
  2. Relevant
    It is wiser that you display your banner not just to compliment your design but as well to add more information about your brand or service. Be relevant with the choice of images to use and phrases to display. To compliment the colors is just secondary to matching the images to your brand. furthermore, your phrase, whether it is a quote or not, no matter how encouraging it is, if it is talking about Math's while it is directing to an English page, it will not contribute any relevance at all. As much as possible, never mislead your visitors.

    This also goes to where you show your banner on the web, opt in to display your banners on a website that is relevant to your market. If your selling car parts and you advertise your banner on florist website, which may have high traffic, but that traffic will have no interest in your banner, hence it will not be effective. Position your banner on to relevant websites related to your niche.

  3. A Call to Action
    We all know that when we mouse over an image or a text and instead of an arrow, a hand appear, we know it is clickable. Hence, that is in the condition of pointing our mouse to the banner. If not, we might think that it is just a design.

    You can be clever in designing your banner. Put either a “click here” phrase, a submit button image or underline a phrase with blue. With these options, you are giving your visitors the impression that your banner is clickable. As that's the whole purpose of the banner, you want your readers to see it and click on it.

  4. Downloading Speed
    Wherever your banner is located, it is always an advantage that it loads fasts. First, page speed affects page rank. Consider file size, file type (gif, jpg..), plug-in requirements (flash), animation, if animated (time of animation)…etc Consider how long it takes for your banner image to load. Keep it to minimum as possible.

  5. Converting Landing Page
    This is the page the user lands on after they click on your advert, the landing page needs to be such that when the user lands on it, they opt into your services, or buy your goods, it would be a shame to let a user go after they have shown some interest and click on your add banner. On the landing page, put clear call of actions, and don't over complicate that page that the visitor will bounce back off. At the end you will not win all of them, but if you do this part correctly you have a good chance of converting high numbers.

Example of a Banner

Effective Online Advert

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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