Running a Successful Amazon Affiliate Store

Gaining extra profit online is now a trend for many, with many platforms available, such as eBay, Amazon, Gumtree. With only a small investment and sometimes none at all, we can easily earn extra income. One of the most popular ecommerce website that offers this opportunity is Amazon.

Amazon offers an affiliate account where every website or blog owners can apply and start earning extra money. Amazoncontrol panel is very rich in various tools to help you embed links and banners or even set up your own store.

Making profits online is not an easy task. Although it may take you only a few hours to set up everything in doing the layout of your store and embedding banners on your blog, it will require your crucial creativity, continuous commitment to update your site, persistence to market your affiliate products and patience to wait for the progress.

Choosing the Right Products

Before you start investing so many efforts in establishing your store, it is essential that you take time to plan and decide first the right products that you will sell.

To choose the right selling products, identify yourself with the buyers. What are the products that you will search and buy online? Would you rather buy the products online or you can just go to supermarkets and get them in cheaper prices?

We tend to search the net for electronic products. Hence, if you will sell cameras or laptops via affiliates, about the prices that you will be selling your affiliate products for, are the competitive in the market, and also look at your competitors. If you are the buyer and saw a $1500 laptop online, will you not search for more and look for other offers?

Despite maybe you can present good blog promotion for the product, high prices products are not that easy to sell. People will tend to surf other sites first before finally deciding which one to buy. Also, in this case, they will rather go to the main store, and most of the time buy directly from the supplier or one of their distributors.

Sell products that are easy to buy, maybe less than $10-$20. Best selling products in Amazon are normally CDs, mp3s and books because they are not heavy to post. A $1 or $2 for your favorite mp3 song is not much for many of online surfers.

Amazon is offering wide variety of products. Therefore, find unique products that you think will be an easy buy and can be attractive to potential customers. There is nothing wrong with riding the bandwagon like selling mp3 downloads or artist posters, but that is if you are confident enough with your talents to surpass those others who already established their brands for these products, they are iTunes and Amazon itself. Remember, despite that you are selling Amazon products, your store is still under your own enterprise.

Focused Niche

The most famous mistake that online advertisers or affiliate marketers can do is to sell products or advertisements in diverse. You have to understand that you are selling online. Therefore, you need to consider search engine visibility and online brand promotions as well.

Invest Time to Establish a Relevant Website

No matter how well you write and how amazing and cheap your products are, you just need an ugly website to drive your potential customers away. The looks of your website is very essential to win a customer. Take time to sit and study how you want to present your store.

Make a pleasant looking website or blog. Manage your layout well, choose good blend of colors, make your navigations organized and if applicable, arrange your product display by category.

Accompany Your Product Display with Appropriate Contents

Displaying relevant contents on your site can give you many advantages; you can have higher chances to top the search engine rankings, you can provide better experiences for your visitors and gain their trusts, you can also lessen your time of support to guide your potential buyers. On your blog you can also write realistic reviews and detailed product descriptions will help.

Offer Rewards, Discounts

Almost everyone wants rewards and discounts. You can promise your customers with some free cheap products or discounts if their payments reached a certain amount.

Secure Your Customer’s Rights

Disclaim the liabilities at your end since it is just an affiliate but you can secure your customer’s right based on Amazon’s terms of services. Display if the product is offered with money back guarantee or product warranty. With this, you will have reputable and good impressions from your customers.

The above are just a few tips as you establish and run your Amazon store.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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