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In a time when the world has been put in a serious financial turmoil, people are trying to find different ways of earning additional income to make ends meet. 

There are those who choose to have a second job in order to fill up the shortened hours that their current employment has required of them – and there are also those who have decided to earn a more decent living from their homes, through the use of the Internet.

As you may already know, the Internet has almost everything that one may need.  It is the world’s largest information hub, it is the best communication tool, and presently, it also provides for the best opportunities to earn.

But how do you do actually earn online?  What are the things that you need to take into account?  What are the risks involved?

Here are the answers to the said questions:

Making Money – Online

There are many ways of earning online.  However, not every online opportunity that is presented to you can actually be the answer to your financial woes.  This is why it is imperative that you carefully look into each aspect of an opportunity – and try to see if whether it will fit your capabilities or not.

Here are some of the opportunities that I am pertaining to:


If you have certain talents or skills that you are quite good at, then you might want to try this option.  There are myriads of online freelance jobs available for all of those who are interested. 

If you think that you are good at writing, you can apply as an article writer,  copywriter, technical writer and a host of other writing jobs that may help you earn a little bit more.  The same goes if you know SEO, web designing, animation, 3d rendering, and other skills.  Name it – and the World Wide Web probably has a job waiting for you.

These are just generic freelancing opportunities, but you can also look outside the box, and if you are an accountant, a painter and decorator, or even a teacher, you can use the internet to leverage and get new clients so that you can earn a side income.

However, the freelancing community is not without its share of problems.  If you do decide to join the fray, you have to remember that in this opportunity, you will be facing not only a lot of competition – but you will also be facing some fierce competitors as well.  Hence, make sure to do some necessary preparations first before deciding to apply for an online job.  Otherwise, you can expect to feel the sting of rejection afterwards.

Online Selling

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit – then this is the option for you.  There are numerous sites all over the net, such as eBay and Amazon which have been specifically designed as online markets, or a virtual place where one can sell all products that he wants, with the entire world’s populace as the prospective buyers.

Selling online on these platforms is very simple, and one can do this as a part time job, or an evening hobby. Many use platforms like eBay to get rid of unwanted items in the house. Not a bad idea, someone’s paying you to buy your unwanted items.

Internet Marketing

This is one of the most promising opportunities that the Internet can offer.  Many fortunate people have already earned millions of dollars from it – but take note that more than a few good people have lost money from this opportunity as well.  Hence, if you intend to succeed in this field – you must take it seriously.

It is a must that you are able to carefully study the business first.  There are numerous materials that you can use for this purpose.  However, in order to make the most out of your hard-earned money, you must make sure to get only those which have been made created and designed by reputable marketers (a.k.a. people who actually know what they are talking about).

Online Opportunities – What Are The Risks?

Just like in any business venture or in any job, online opportunities have some well-known risks as well. 

In the case of freelancing, one will have to face the risk of non-paying clients or employers, or those who offer very minimal fees for jobs which require more compensation.  In the case of online selling – joy bidding and non-paying customers are problems as well. 

In the case of Internet marketing, not all the materials that claim to be the answer to success may be as efficient as you may want them to be.  And what makes this even worse is that there are those who even collect exorbitant fees for information which are not that worth as much.

In order to avoid all the risks and maximize the benefits that the online community offers, one things is key – and this is preparation.  Hence, you must make sure to do all the necessary research and readings that you can to ensure that none of the negative things happen to you.

Next is to actually take the most important step – which is to actually put what you’ve read into action.  After all, unless you try – you wouldn’t know if the road that you are taking is the right course or not.  So take that leap and become the success that you ought to be.

Are you doing anything online, what has been your online experience, share with me in the notes below.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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