How Leslie started online and How he is building his online business


One of the exciting parts of running  my own blog is that I get to talk to other internet markets and learn from them, along with taking tips and advice from other specialist marketers online.  Recently I had Leslie from The Freebie Guy.Net on a call with me, where we had a casual talk about how Leslie runs his online business, along with tapping into his secrets in the way he marketed his blog in the early days.

This is an interview that I am very excited about, as I have learnt allot from, and I am sure you will to, as Leslie is one of the online markets that showed me where I can get help from online, and which courses to take a serious look into, as he had already done the hard work in finding out what works and what does not work. In this interview we touched:

  • How Leslie started out in the early days, and came across establishing his blog.
  • Importance of prioritising your tasks and time management.
  • How to market your online business.
  • Importance of design and good articles.
  • How networking helps your online business.
  • Ways to use Videos in your business.
  • Setting up a business with low budget.

The best part of the interview is that Leslie shows us how he has built his online empire more or less part time, while working as a full time Science and Maths teacher. By managing his time accordingly, it shows if you really want to achieve something you can always find time for it, and invest into your business.

This is one interview that you don't want to miss and will learn a lot from.

Resources Mentioned in the Interview

The Freebie Guy: Leslies blog where he shares values information.
7 Day Boot camp: Leslies 7 Day training program, on how to setup an online blog.
Blog Master Mind: The training program Leslie took that was a turning point in his online business.
WooThemes: Where you can purchase good premium WordPress themes for your blog.
AWeber: The email marketing program recommended by many internet marketers.


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