“ We can’t think narrowly. We have to think in the biggest possible way. ”

By Alice Waters (1944 – ) American chef and writer

Don’t we all think? We think of how our business is going, we think and plan our day-to-day activities, we think about our holidays. Its natural, we all love to think, and at times thinking does become a bit of a dream and an imagination or you can call a wish list. But there is nothing wrong with that. If we do not think big, we will not push our selves to achieve our goals and target. By thinking it helps us set up our goals, our ambitions, and also it’s an incentive to work towards something.

When I first started in business, one of my collogues said now your in business, you have to think big, if you stop thinking your business will just be at a stand still. There’s always-new things happening in business, meeting clients expectation, exceed your competitors, and offering that extra service so that you win your customers hearts, all comes with thinking.

On a more personal level, thinking helps achieving goals, in my office, I have a picture of my next car, my next house on the wall, and everyday I look at it, and this motivates me to work towards something, and when I do achieve these goals, I’m sure there will be something else to replace them.

Whatever the case, always think big and outside the box, when you are faced with objections and obstacles, try looking at it from a different angle.

5 points to help you think big and outside the box:

1. Study various industries, if your in the clothing industry, also look at what other industries are doing, as you may be able to pick up some tips and tricks which you can implement into your niche.

2. Read books. Believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of reading, but when you do read novels, and books, it relaxes your mind, and you can view things in a slightly different way.

3. Draw picture or the situation or task, having something on paper even if it’s a graph or steps, it can give you a better and bigger understating of the situation.

4. Ask others of different age group and backgrounds of their opinion, everyone has a different approach to task.

5. Take a break, and a walk, leave everything including your phone, and go for a walk, observing what’s around you. When I do this, I learn something new every time, and also come back with a fresh mind.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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