“ They say things happen for a reason… You don’t do them, they won’t.”

Donavon Frankenreiter (1972 – ) American music artist

In business there will always be ups and downs, and things always happen, but you will have to learn now to handle these obstacles. It’s all parts and parcel of setting up and running a business. How many times have we heard the saying when someone else tells us, “oh don’t worry things happen for a reason” whether it be good or bad.  

Yes things do happen for a reason, but these things will only happened when YOU do something prior to it, you will initiate something which will occur such an event to happen.
For example your business has just one a big corporate deal, now this deal would have only been won, if you had gone out there to secure the deal, arrange meetings, follow up the clients and after putting all your handwork into it, at the end you have gone and won this deal. So you had to lay the foundation before you saw the success.

On the other hand, if you’ve just lost a client or a project, take some time and consider why this has happened, was it because you did a wrong move, said the wrong thing, or gave the wrong impression, things happen for a reason, but there’s always something that leads to it, which you have control off.

In business you have to sometimes take risks, no one knows what’s round the corner, it may be fruitful or catastrophic, but unless you don’t take that risk you will never know, and worst case scenario if something does go wrong you take it as a learning point, so that next time you don’t make the same mistakes.

In business if you want things to happen, go do it, don’t hold back.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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