“ Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. ”

Mother Teresa (1910–1997)

MotherTeresa's saying goes very well in a sales environment and in day to day business, as your faced with customers throughout the day, especially if your in retail face to face where we are interacting with all sorts of customers. Some times it may be a happy customer and some times it could even be irate customer, but if we have the attitude and mind set that we want to ensure that every single person that we speak to in our business, is fully satisfied and take extra care to ensure that we have met their requirements to the highest level possible, this will always go down well with all types of customers.

The reason why customers come to us is because they are looking for something, either they want to buy a service for a problem, or they need a product that is missing, which could benefit them. To ensure that we give the best possible service to this customer that has come to us, is to build a relationship and communication with them, if you speak to your customers in a way that you are there to help them, and you fully understand their needs and requirements, they will feel more comfortable, and though your conversation you will be able to offer the best service and solution to them. They will walk away much pleased, satisfied and happier with your service, and are more likely to tell their friends and family about your business, and also return back to you for repeat business.

Whom ever you meet in your day to day life, if you ensure that you goal is to please them and make sure that they get the best service from your business, you will have a whole list of happy customers that will spread your word, and that is one of the most powerful methods of advertising.

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