Keep the New Year mindset

This time of the year you generally find everyone is determined and focused in working towards their New Year resolution, what ever it may be whether it’s being more focused at work, loosing weight, playing more sports, or establishing a business, eating less chocolates or read more books. For the first couple of months of the year everyone is focused and ensures that they stick to the New Year resolution without coming of track.

So why after couple of weeks, or months the focus starts to deteriorate? Most resolutions fail by February. Where if you think about it, some of the most common resolutions are some dead serious goals like

– quit smoking

– better money management

– Weight loss…etc

What could be the reason?

Unrealistic: Sometimes we just say that this is my new year’s resolution and that’s it, there’s no weight in it, we just do it to feel good, to put our mind to rest that I am planning to change or I am planning to do something.  – Well in reality deep down we know that what we looking to do is unrealistic, for the core reason because we do not want to put the effort behind it.

I’m a firm believer everything is possible, as long as you put your mind an effort in it.

So when working on your new years resolution, make it achievable for yourself, if you know that you are the kind of a person that will not put the effort behind it, why not set the bar lower so that you can achieve it, and gradually increase it until you get to where you want to.

Following others: Your new year’s resolution was not something that you intended, you basically followed others, similar to a sheep in a heard. Why would you do that? The other person has his or her own desires, goals, and ambitions.  You may be interested in the beginning and also feel that it’s going well, but in reality over time you will start to lose focus and steer away, only because you never really has much interest in it, its only because of following your friends or family (peer pressure).

Because someone said so: Do you believe in that, that your fortune teller said that you have to make so and so resolution next year – I don’t, but what if you don’t want that resolution, what if it does not interest you?

No motivations: Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we cannot just motivate ourselves, we find it extremely difficult to get excited about our resolution, which causes us to put it at the bottom of our list, and we forget all about it.

How to ensure that your new years resolutions are fulfilled

I do not have a list and list of points, the below two points I am going to mention have worked for me, and for others.

The first and the most impotent factor is mindset, if you do not have the correct mindset, you can try everything else, and you will still fail. Having the right mind set is the real life changer, (How many times have you seen others telling others to stop smoking, even showing real life harms and effects, it does not effect that individual, until he himself decides to change, and when he / she has the right mind set, only than they will set out on the path to quitting). You personally have to have your own desire to achieve what you want.

Once you have your own passion and the correct mindset, half of the battle is won, as naturally you would want to work towards your ambition, you will tend not to be distracted as easily.

Secondly is having some sort of support, we tend to work better if we have to be accountable to someone. If you can find a buddy that will encourage you, question you and push you to ensure that you are on track.

Having a support partner will benefit you in numerous ways some briefs ones:

– Make you accountable for what you do

– Provide encouragement when needed

– Give you ideas to help you

We all sometimes need some sort of an encouragement or a boost. Having someone there that will make sure that we stick to our resolution overall will benefit you and of course mindset is your greatest support  🙂

Overall keep the same mindset that you start the year with, stay focused and determined and wish you all the best.

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