“ I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. ”

Michael Jordan (1963 –)

In life things don’t always go as we plan, we all wish we could succeed easily in things we set out to do. But life's not easy, if it was everyone would be successful, you need to have the thrive and energy to succeed, the willingness inside you to be successful, and doesn’t matter how many times you fail, your determination will still get you up and on track to success again and again.

Just like Michael Jordan saying above, that he failed over and over again, if he didn’t fail he would have never been one of the greatest basketball players around. As sometimes we learn from our mistakes, and that makes us a better person.  When you set out to do something and you fail, you wonder why have I failed, what can I do to improve, and what went wrong, taking all this into consideration you than set out again, and you keep trying until you achieve what you want to achieve.

Same thing applies in business, you may be launching a product, closing a deal with a  client, or even planning something  new for the business, but things collapse and don’t go your way, but if you really believe in your product and service, you should keep trying, and overcome these obstacles, and one day you will succeed.

 The key message from this quote is be consistent, and never give up.         

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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