How it Works

How It Works

Our working process is very simple, we like to keep things straightforward so that you can trust on our team to carry out your work.

RequirementsStep 1– Requirements

Inform us of your requirements, whether your looking for a designer, developer or an internet marketing consultant to join your team, and what you are expecting from your virtual team member. The more information you give us about your requirements, the easier it will be for us and for you to get the perfect team member (Hidden Genius)

You can contact us via our Contact Us page or email us at

Type of GeniusStep 2– Type of Genius

Decide on which plan you want to hire your new member, are you looking for a full time virtual employee, or a part time, or temporally staff that will work on hourly basis on a project.

Terms & BillingStep 3– Terms & Billing

Based on your requirements we will allocate you a member that can work with your company. Based on your requirements we will setup a billing system and a contract between the two companies.

Your Hidden GeniusStep 4– Your Hidden Genius

The Virtual employee will be based in our office, carrying out work for you or your clients. You will be able to lease and coordinate directly with you member as if they work within your company. You will be sent weekly reports of the work carried out by your Genius.

Please note that passion always comes free with every project we take!

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