How to Keep Your Key Customers With You

We all know that its easier to sell to existing clients than to go out and acquire new business although it takes a bit of time to build trust with your clients in order to make them stick with you, but the whole process is much more rewarding, here are some useful tips that can help you make your customers sticky:

Get to know your client’s needs – You need to know how and what makes your customers click, their buying patterns, attitudes towards your business and their other interests. By obtaining this set of data, you will be able to know which buttons to push in order to satisfy your clients, thus encouraging them to stay with your business.

One of the easiest way to get this information is by regularly talking to your customers about what else do they need in your business, or you can have them answer a survey form or a suggestion page or a forum,  in order to make them feel that their opinions are valued.

Provide something new for your customers – provide your existing customers with promotions, discounts and limited offers to make them feel special because of their loyalty. You also need to change your marketing campaigns and ads every once in a while and provide customers with updates on what is new in your business.  In other words, you need to constantly come up with something exciting and new for your customers in order to keep them entertained and satisfied regularly.

Address problems immediately – when there is a problem, then you need to create a solution right away. This is one of the reasons why key customers leave a business that they have engaged with for a while. Problems such as incorrect pricing and information will usually turn off existing customers, and would only encourage them to look for other companies to do business with.  The goal of your business is to keep your clients happy, and make them buy more from you again and again.

Keep in touch with your customers– make your presence known to your customers, so that they will not forget that you are there to cater to their needs. Avoid letting clients forget about your business. Use simple tools to get your message across to your clients, such as e-mail, twitter page, Facebook fan page, mobile messaging and fax.

keyYou need to bear in mind though – that you must not sound like your poking your client too much by sending out regular messages.  Just make your customers think that they are constantly on your mind.  Not only will they appreciate it, but they will get the impression that you are in the business of catering to their satisfaction.

Be different– set yourself apart from your competition and don’t be too generic.  Provide customers your customers with something that they can’t get from your competitors.  And usually a unique customer experience and quality service just may do the job.

Follow-up with your clients-you need to follow-up your clients and contacts after they purchase your product, and find out if they are satisfied with it and what they think about your services.

In this way, you can create your very own quality assurance.  You can also ask satisfied customers to make referrals, and for those unsatisfied customers, if any – you can always make innovations if you feel that their reasons are relevant and may contribute to your business positively.

By following clients up you can correct problems that may affect your company in a long way, at the same time you can send out the message to your clients that you care for heir satisfaction.

Always Go the extra mile – you can always provide your clients with a far more superior service compared to your competitors. If you can, go an extra mile in providing satisfaction and convenience. By giving your customer more than what they expect, you can rest assured that they will stick with your company for a long time.

Offer the best value – in an online business you can expect to have tons of competition.  However, by providing your customers the best value for your products and service – they will continue their patronage to your business.

Of course, cheap is not always the best thing to go.  Even if you may have a much higher price compared to your competition, you can always compensate your prices with the product value. Keeping customers based on low prices will not guarantee a long term business relationship.  But giving them the best value for their money will, and always ensure you put your customer satisfaction at the forefront of your company. Not only will this retain your existing customers, but will grow your customer base on recommendations.

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