Facebook Customer Service: Doing It Effectively

What most social network users fail to realize is the fact that Facebook is actually one of the best customer service tools there is, due to the number of web users who are constantly connected to the network and its many other features.

Business fan pages on Facebook, usually have a couple of hundred fans or subscribers, while much larger businesses have thousands or even more. Of course, having large number of fans will require businesses to come up with very good customer service along with engaging with their fans on a regular bases and meeting their expectations, in order to retain the necessary number of customers.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your customer service to your business page fans in Facebook:

1: Quick response to messages

Online customers can be the most impatient customers which you can find in the market.  So, they expect the quickest response on Facebook messages compared to email or forum messages.

To respond to messages rapidly and efficiently, you must allot time to monitor and check your messages.  This is to keep up with the customer’s expectations, and to avoid the customer from looking to other websites which are offering the same product and services.

If you can, have an email alert attached to your fan page, so that if there are messages sent, you will be alerted in your email – and you can respond accordingly.

2: Send specific response to all individual messages

I think we have all experienced calling someone, and we get an automated or recorded answer – and most of the time that doesn’t help us get the information or the purpose of the call. This is pretty much like recorded email responders, or message content of auto-responders.

Although auto-responders can actually be a very good tool for remarketing, as well as to inform the customer that you have his/her contact information, or that you will send messages to him or her – this is not really the best all the time.

For individual messages, it will be wiser to send specific answers or reply, in order to build the necessary rapport with customers and to send out the message that you do care for your customers.  So, in dealing with Facebook messages, I suggest that you go beyond automated messages to communicate and engage with your followers and fans.

3: As much as possible avoid redirecting your customers

Being redirected is considerably one of the most frustrating methods of customer service.  In it, you will be asking specific questions, and you will be sent a link that directs you to another website, which sometimes is so broad that you will have to scan the pages in order to find the answers for yourself.  Normally, this will only result to the prospective customer leaving the fan page.facebook

You have to bear in mind that the customers sent their messages and questions via your Facebook page because they find it more convenient to communicate in that manner.  Hence, if redirect them to your company website instead of answering them directly will not only change their impression of your fan page, but it will likewise result to their loss of interest in finding the information altogether.

In other words, you must communicate to your customers on the channel where they initiated the communication process.  If they sent the inquiry on email, then reply thru email.  If they send you a private message reply in the same manner.

On the other hand, you can always invite your customer to your twitter page and other related pages to maintain multiple Media to communicate.  What is essential is that you are able to communicate effectively.

4: Talk to your fans

One of the most common misconceptions of Facebook business pages is that not all fans join the page just to ask questions and put comments. There are also those who want to enjoy the exchange of information that the fan page can offer.

Engaging in general discussions with your fans will create a continuous interest from your fans, and it will get them involved – thus, retaining them to your advantage.

5: Create Interest for your fans

Most argue that creating an interesting content in their fan page is quite easy, while others would likewise beg to differ.  It must be noted, however, that “interesting” is relative – and this means that you will have to do some research in order to make things work. Your fans and followers want something different, and new.

You can post updated videos, photos, and news in your fan page or you can create daily discussions on topics that are related to your product or brand, to keep your fans interested.  You can also post surveys wherein fans can answer and where they can state their reasons accordingly.

In the long run, it can be gleaned that Facebook is indeed a very excellent platform where you can give your loyal customers the necessary customer service that they deserve.  After all, Facebook is not just for fun alone – but it necessarily can be good for business as well.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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