How to Write a Great eBook

Almost everything now is being digitized. Hardware materials before are now being carried in small chips. As time goes, things are getting simpler and made as portable as possible. Several songs from various CDs are compressed into a list of MP3s and we can already shop anywhere we want via online without personally going to concrete shopping stores. Also, we can already organize our own library without getting physical books, and it is simply by collecting various eBooks.

In connection, an eBook is a digital version of a book. Normally, it is longer than a normal article but it is shorter in contents than a normal book, considering people online are always in a hurry; And with so much information that the internet can provide, writing an EBook requires some unique ideas and creative style of presentations.

Below are some tips that you may follow if you are planning to write a great eBook:

  1. Learn from Popular and Selling eBooks
    Scout out for some popular eBooks in the market. Study and learn how their designs and layouts were presented. If possible, scan the contents on how the author wrote the texts and displayed the images.
  2. Specify Purpose of Writing the eBookYour purpose in writing the eBook must highly affect the way you write your contents and the way you visually presents its design. Possible purposes are to just provide information, to promote a product or to sell advertisements. Contents in your eBook must support your purpose.
  3. Know Your Target AudienceYou may determine your target audience by specifying the niche of your eBook. Will it be a programming book? If it is, will it be for the beginners or for the experts? By specifying your target audience, you can determine their interests and needs more.
  4. Creative and Effective TitleWrite down list of working titles. Be creative and consider a title of the book that you yourself will buy. Your title must describe your eBook contents and persuasive enough for your target audience.  
  5. Organize the eBook ChaptersThink first of how you want to discuss your contents and plan the flow of the discussion. Then start writing the possible concepts and titles per chapter. Sort out. What are the things that you want to include per chapter? How will you start and end the eBook?
  6. Engage Your ReadersMake your eBook not only informative but conversational, engage your readers. Make your contents helpful and realistic for your audience.
  7. Choose an Easy to Read Colour Theme and LayoutYour chose of colours and layout will greatly influence the readability of your eBook. The book cover can be a bit fancy if you want but it is not advisable to use various styles and colours in your inner pages. Black texts and white background will do.

When creating an eBook, if you keep the purpose of the eBook in mind, and work around how you can serve this purpose, you eBook will be accepted and appreciated by your users and readers.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

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